‘A Beautiful Body’ photo exhibition: Will you celebrate your unique beauty or be judged by others standards?

By B.Erdenesuvd

As I stepped into the gallery for “A Beautiful Body” photo exhibition, a confident yet emotional speech was being given. I joined the crowd to hear a part of the monologue “The Good Body” by Eve Ensler being read by Oyundari, one of the participants in the opening reception. Every word touched me and seemed to touch everyone in the room, regardless of gender. The monologue was powerful, as it reminded us how we are wasting our precious time and giving ourselves a hard time about superficial beauty standards. Against this global epidemic, we only need the courage to accept ourselves, but we cannot do it alone. “A Beautiful Body” captures images of Mongolian women who are taking on the challenge.
To help look more closely at body image in Mongolian society, “A Beautiful Body” is on view at Grand Art Exclusive Gallery from June 15th to 22. The show was organized by Young Women for Change NGO and IC Creative Vision. Prior to the photo exhibition, Young Women for Change has organized other women-centric events such as a performance of the internationally renowned “Vagina Monologues”, every year since 2011, and the “My Short Skirt” march in 2013. Young Women for Change NGO is an organization with a mission to build a violence-free society and for young women to become empowered and expand their networks.
During the opening ceremony, participant Ch.Bat-Uyanga spoke about how she became a part of the exhibition. She said, “My reason to participate is that I gained 45 kilograms during my pregnancy with my daughter, who is walking amongst you now. This experience challenged me to accept my body as it is, a body which weighed more than 100 kilograms. However, even if it was not for my daughter, I would have still loved my body, as I have realized that I’m not beautiful in comparison to any other person. I am beautiful myself, without any reference point.”
Afterwards, a consultant from the Mongolian Women’s Development Foundation, Chinchuluun, compared women to gemstones with different crystal formations; she said every gemstone is beautiful in its own way. She also mentioned that growing up in a closed society (socialism) it was very hard to accept her body when conventionally beautiful women were considered better at almost everything, but a new century of body acceptance is coming, and she was happy that Mongolians were going at the same pace as the rest of the world.
Photos from the exhibition can only be seen at the gallery. No photos will be shared on social media as not to intrude on the privacy of the participant’s privacy. Beside the photos are descriptions of the images written in Mongolian, giving them life and allowing the audience to build emotional connections to the photos.
Bodies of different sizes and shapes, with scars and tattoos, old and young, bodies that have through been a lot, and bodies which have more to experience – our most vulnerable body parts were shown. The ultimate message from the exhibition seems to boil down to this: Be proud of what is unique to you. Embrace and love your body marks, they are proof of a life lived. Every stretch mark, every splinter made you who you are now. Your body is a living book of your life. “A Beautiful Body” is a wakeup call to all of us to embrace our true nature.

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