Sh.Altangerel: Premier N.Altankhuyag held important meetings


Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary from Mongolia to the Russian Federation spoke to www.news.mn regarding Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag’s working visit to Saint Petersburg, Russia to attend the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Upon the conclusion of the forum, geopolitical issues might turn positively to Mongolia. Also, several meetings beneficial to our economy were held. Do you think it can be considered that the Ukrainian crisis has influenced that? How much new progress do you think will be made in the relations between the two countries?
It can’t be said that Ukrainian issues are beneficial to us. Russia submitted their mission, or aim, in fall of 2013, to put Siberia and the Far East in circulation during the 21st century. In particular, President Vladimir Putin already imposed duties on all levels of state organizations after submitting that mission. Russian policy has turned to our side. Meanwhile, we are adjusting our operations towards strategic development tactics with Russia. Maybe the Ukrainian situation can intensify our policy.
What other issues should be touched upon besides the issues discussed during the meeting? What is your position on resolving the reciprocal visa exemption issue?
I think Mongolia should be a close strategic partner to its two neighboring countries. This close partnership has been developing impulsively with the southern neighbor, and partnership with our neighbor in the north has been left behind. Thus, this difference should be cleared out and the interests of our two neighbors should be balanced. The main goal of the Prime Minister is to balance it, in case the balance is lost. Mongolia neighbors only two countries. In terms of the visa exemption issue, I think Mongolia should consider how it can resolve the issue with China. For instance, it is a little bit complicated if China, with a population of almost one billion 500 million citizens, visit Mongolia without a visa. Very specific management should be made regarding the visa exemption issues. This visa issue has been discussed for a long time. As I understood it, President Ts.Elbegdorj gave the Russian side a positive response during the meeting in Shanghai. Russians expect that. We should look at the issue from the perspective that it might be economically beneficial to our country, as the trade balance between our countries has been lost. There are things that can’t be planned at the national level but can be done at the company level. I believe that the opportunities to even out the difference lie in bringing the issue to the individual level, or to the same level that our citizens trade in China.
Does that mean that trade between Mongolia and Russia is on an individual level?
We can’t evaluate it on an individual level, because there are many large companies that import petroleum products. But there are only a few trading companies. We intend to sell as many things as possible to Russia, and Russia has the same intention, however this concordance is not being created somehow. I can’t say which factors influence this, but I believe that the state and government are responsible for creating a pleasant environment and conditions, and finding solutions when economic turnover is active. If the reciprocal visa becomes available for citizens of our two countries, I believe that economic turnover will become active.
Russia cooperates with Mongolia in many sectors. For instance, Russia has become the main base to prepare specialists. Will the number of Mongolian students to study in Russia be increased?
Recently, Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag met President of Russia Vladimir Putin and held talks on a mid-term program to develop bilateral, strategic partnership. There are several large sectors within the strategic partnership, such as the economic sector, humanitarian relations etc. Humanitarian relations are in the education sector. Of course, this includes the issue of educating students. Also, a 10 to 15 year education program should be implemented in Mongolia. Russian education helped to upgrade the Mongolian mindset and brought us closer to Europe. I think Russian education should be supported.

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