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A bottle can be a work of art, but most people focus on what’s in the bottle. While some people don’t care and throw away empty bottles and jars, others save them like treasure or reuse them. An exhibition showing that art can also be captured in a bottle opened at Blue Moon Art Gallery.

B.Tsevegsuren’s exhibition, “Art in a Bottle”, is the first exhibition of its kind in Mongolia. Bottle art has become advanced overseas, but it has not been developed in Mongolia. Every piece in the exhibition was really interesting and brand new.

The artist included miniature depictions of the five kinds of Mongolian livestock, the three manly sports, the Mongolian ger, the state hymn and flag, soyombo, daily life, traditions, culture, values, and buildings. He captured these themes in recycled light bulbs and vodka bottles. B.Tsevegsuren’s pieces are made with wood, paper, cotton, beads, copper wire, iron, and plastic. He recreated the State House in a bottle too. He may be criticized for it, but he said it is artwork.

The exhibition will continue through May 28.

 The following is an interview with the artist.

How did you decide on the idea to create art in a bottle?

I found my idea from seeing souvenirs ship in a bottle. Throughout my work, I wanted to speak about the consequences of vodka and show that human intellect can be inside a bottle instead. I am not a professional artist and I just do them as a hobby.

When did you start creating these pieces?

I started three months ago. In total, I have made 200 pieces, out of which 80 pieces were presented.

It is really interesting to think about how you created them in a bottle.

It wasn’t so easy. First of all, I draw a picture of my work, estimate the size accurately, and connect and glue them together with a very thin device. I did not cut the bottles. I spent a week making the State House because it was made up of over 150 small pieces.

Have you patented your work?

I have sent a request to the Intellectual Property Agency. I will get the patent soon.

How many people want to buy your work and how much does it cost?

If you want to give people gifts of artwork instead of alcohol, you can buy it. They cost 10,000 to 150,000 MNT.


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