We don’t want to give our money to scammers


Mongolians wishing to earn easy money can often end up with financial and emotional losses. Due to specious laws and ordinances passed by the State, regular citizens are losing their money on useless things. For instance, herders and consumers are seeing the darker side of the law on compensating loss with repayment conditions. For 8,000 people who lost money on their investments, the State passed the law and then the Ministry of Justice drafted a bill on amendments to the law. Taxpayers, how long do we have to be defrauded by herders who rely on hand-outs and people who receive grants regularly? During harsh times in winter “zud” disasters, we help herders a lot, but why can’t they decrease the price of meat?
For more examples of the state spending taxpayer funds on useless things, they passed a law for the 8,000 victims of a savings and credit cooperative and are now making amendments to it. Is this fair? Every spring, the victims of the savings and credit cooperative demonstrate. This year they threatened to declare a hunger strike. Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag met with their representatives and created a working group led by Kh.Temuujin, Minister of Justice. As a result, the Democratic Party made amendments to this useless law without any difficulty.
If we estimate that the Mongolian population is three million, at least one percent of the population was ripped off by the savings and credit cooperative’s scam eight years ago. Taxpayer money is not meant to be spent on charity. Instead of the government passing useless laws, they should invest in the frozen tenders for building schools and kindergartens. The state should not cover the losses of the savings and credit cooperation. I will say again and again that these funds are not state property! It is taxpayer money. When the Mongolian economy has fallen and people’s lives are becoming more difficult, taxpayers do not want to pay for losses on behalf of others. The government can’t spend the money from billions of dollars in loans efficiently. If they really have such a huge amount of money, why can’t they build schools, kindergartens and hospitals? Victims of the savings and credit cooperation may get their money from the State. How are we supposed to understand how they are spending our money?
In 2006, when a lot of savings and credit cooperatives went bankrupt, over 30 cooperatives were destroyed and the owners went to prison. In 2007, 33 billion MNT was paid to victims by order of the Minister of Finance. The following year it was, 2.1 billion MNT, for a total of 35.1 billion MNT paid to 7,290 victims.
Honestly, those victims are not the very poor, or vulnerable people in our communities. One survey said that most of them live quite well, their children study abroad, they own multiple flats and summer cottages, and run their own businesses. However, when they were talking about declaring a hunger strike, they pretended like they were really poor and shed crocodile tears. I saw someone who knew them looking and laughing. They are being guided by their greed. How do they dare to have their fingers in our pockets with the help of politicians? I question paying taxes to help these “victims”. Perhaps it’s time to demonstrate for terminating the law that lines their pockets.

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