T.Barkhuu: My heart aches every time I perform


 The following is an interview with T.Barkhuu, an actor from  X-Tuts Productionü about his career and life.

When you woke up this morning, what was the first thing you thought about?

I’m working as the producer of a comedy film, “Tankhai Geree”. I thought about what songs would be good for the film. Ambii, Odnoo, Dolgor and I are cast in the main roles. It’s almost complete. Since there will be many film releases this summer and autumn, I’m planning on releasing it next year.

Choosing between sleeping all day and performing all day, which is better? Which days are your favorite?

If projects work out well, every day is nice. Things like travelling with my family, performing on stage and hearing the audience clap after successfully finishing a performance are all happiness for me.

Do you prefer acting in comedies or dramas?

I like to act in comedies as they are fast, impactful, make everyone laugh and match the latest trends that young people are interested in. All sorts of people from different places, who are unfamiliar with one another, gather around to make a film, and in just a month, they get really close and end up crying their hearts out when they’re saying their farewells after the film is completed. It is very interesting, since I get to work with different people other than my crew in X-Tuts Production.

You were nominated for best actor in the Gegeen Muza Festival for your role as Jigan in the dramatic play “Seruun Khasiin Nuuts”. How are you preparing for it? Is standing in front of the judges different from normal performances?

Sometimes I get nervous in front of judges. Lately, I’ve been trying not to place too much significance in these sorts of thing. I shouldn’t perform my best only for the Gegeen Muza Festival. I should give the same performance I gave before. Before the training for our drama crew on May 14 and 15, I practiced my lines every day at home, in the car and even in my bed.

What’s challenging about acting in dramatic plays?

It’s my profession. I must be capable of handling it, so I shouldn’t think of it as challenging. If I’m constantly depressed and stressed about it, I can’t perform. However, my heart aches occasionally. During dramas, I express a lot of emotions, such as crying, getting angry, consoling and fighting. I don’t get tired that much. Although, in my mind I know that I’m acting, my organs don’t feel the same.

If you were Jigan, what would you have decided to do?

Before the wedding, as soon as I found out that Syueko had someone she loved, I would have left her.

Are you able to balance your work and private life?

I spend about 80 percent of the day working and the rest on my private life. Before performing a new show, I practice in the morning, perform in the evening, and later practice dancing. Like so, I spend 16 hours of the day at work.

Do you enjoy this lifestyle?

It’s the profession and lifestyle I chose. I’m disappointed in myself as a father because of the small amount of time I can spend with my daughter. Although I want to be there for my daughter as she matures, things don’t go the way I want them to. But she has her grandmother, who is more caring than both me and my wife. My mother-in-law is a very good person, indescribable in words.

What sort of a person do you want your daughter to become?

I only wish for her to become a good, educated person.

Who gave her the name Sundari?

My wife and I chose it together after discussing it. In an Indian novel that my wife, Odnoo, read when she was little, there’s a story about a lady named Sundari. When we looked into the meaning of the name, we found out it means fair lady and beauty.

While some couples like to show their affection through the tiniest details, some are unaffectionate on the outside but very loving in the inside. How do you show affection to your wife?

In my heart, I love my family, wife and daughter very much. I’m not interested in showing my love expressively. Some people may interpret it the wrong way and misunderstand my affection when they see me.

Did the two of you have a wedding?

No, I haven’t thought about it, but we could have a wedding.

When you were a student, what did you think about Odnoo?

At the time, I knew her but didn’t especially notice her.

In your opinion, when do women look the most beautiful?

People define beauty in all sorts of ways. Every woman looks pretty if they dress up, style their hair and put on makeup. I don’t judge people by their exterior appearance. When I think about my wife being pregnant with my child, she looks so lovely and it’s impossible not to love her. At those times, I try not to make her angry or feel unloved.

At what age did you feel like you had matured?

When I was eight years old, my father passed away. I have four older brothers and I’m the youngest child. Ever since my father passed away, I tried my best not to make my mother suffer by asking for unnecessary things or becoming a burden to others by asking for favors.

Do you think that being the youngest affects one’s maturity?

I became a stupid child from all the doting I got as the youngest child. There are some prudent children who try not to become spoiled.

Do you vividly remember your father?

Children nowadays are very intelligent. They remember everything from when they were little. I regret that I remember only a few moments I spent with my father. My father became a truck driver after being a bus driver. My memories of sitting next to my father in his truck and changing gears for him are very vivid. He adored me so much. If I were the oldest, I would have received my father’s affection until I had matured. If he were alive, I would never make him upset and make him happy by being a proud and caring son whom he could brag about to anyone. I’m envious of people with fathers. I get infuriated with children who take advantage of their happiness and make their parents suffer or say harsh words to them. I think to myself that they’ll regret doing so when their parents are no longer around.

What sorts of things make you so angry that you are unable to hold back?

When close friends and family quarrel with each other, I get sensitive and agonized. People should come to an understanding after calming down and compromise.

Do you usually ask for advice from others or make decisions on your own?

I make decisions on my own. If I make a mistake after consulting someone, it would be difficult for me to blame or get angry with that person, and that person would also feel guilty about it. I discuss major problems that are impossible to solve on my own with my wife.

Between your heart and mind, which is more powerful?

Lately, I tend to follow my mind. Men often make many mistakes by following their heart. I’ll have to control my heart with my brain.

What were the most significant remarks you’ve ever heard?

I was extremely happy when I heard my mother’s friend Delgerjargal, an honored actress, say to my mother, “You have five fantastic sons that anyone would be envious of.”

After becoming an actor, what was the biggest lesson you learned?

I stopped holding back in front of the audience. When I step on stage, the warm energy from the audience in front gives me so much energy. When I first stood in front of an audience, I couldn’t say my lines because of my trembling chin, and I became weak in the knees. It felt as if I was dreaming. Now, when I go on stage, I communicate by noticing the audience’s reaction and what they would laugh at. We’re not only actors, we turn into thieves, police officers, doctors, fire fighters and so much more. We even research these people. Even when I’m giving interviews, I observe journalists, their movements, how they take notes, what they use and how they ask questions, because I might play a journalist someday. Within an hour of conversing with a person, I can understand their overall character.

Is it true that you will be releasing a music album?

I can’t imagine my life without music. If I combine the songs I’ve composed with my friend and the songs I’ve received, I have around ten songs. It’s better for artists to quickly do things when they get good inspiration or interest. If you take too long, the interests die out. I considered releasing an album and concluded that it’s unnecessary. What good will come from Barkhuu releasing an album? I was able to suppress my desires.


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