L.Bold: We didn’t make a revolution to have such a society


We understand that law enforcement is an institution for the “organization of force” and we have already adapted to an attitude which lives up to it. Even officials and servants in the field have been operating with the concept and belief that organized forces must use force against citizens. Present society demands innovations in the judicial system and a renewal in thinking, making all levels of law enforcement organizations serve citizens and protect their legal rights instead of using force against them.
During the first two weeks of May, politicians thrived on heated discussions about taking measures against Justice Minister Kh.Temuujin, while on Tuesday, parliament members discussed in detail the hot topic of the judical and legal sector. Tuesday’s meeting of the Standing Committee on Justice and the Sub-Committee on Human Rights touched upon several incidents involving citizens who were under investigation, and whether they breached the law and had not been proved guilty in court, but died during the time they were held in detention centers. Officials and specialists from the Court Decision Implementing Agency and the chairman of the National Human Rights Commission attended Tuesday’s meeting and responded to questions from parliament members, as people in detention centers suffering from health problems is a serious violation of human rights.
During the meeting members discussed even more serious issues, suspecting that law enforcement institutions are becoming organizations which abuse citizens’ freedoms by abusing their power over citizens, repressing, threatening and pressuring them.
Law enforcement organizations say the reason for their actions is that “higher ranking authorities gave them such a duty,” referring to someone whose name and rank is unknown, emphasized parliament members during the meeting.
All steps and actions of a civil servant should be done on legal grounds, and law enforcement, investigations, and the detention of suspects should be carried out legally. But today, judicial servants are operating under the order of high ranking authorities, which reminds people of a period of terrible repression, pointed out some parliamentarians.
Addressing the issue, member of the human rights sub-committee and Foreign Affairs Minister L.Bold said, “What have we strived for since 1990? We didn’t work and make an effort for twenty years to have such fear. Back then, the Ministry to Protect Society From Danger accused anyone they wanted to. They kept all people in fear. Today our situation is the same. We made changes bringing revolution. Can we have a revolution again if the Ministry to Protect Society From Danger is going to be re-established?” During the meeting he also made the following statement which caught the attention of many:
“We all have one motherland. Mongolia faces economic crisis today. Investment has decreased. Everyone’s participation causes that, particularly the participation of legal organizations plays a major role in it. Today we are living in the age of information. How is the world imagining Mongolia? Many articles saying that “Mongolia is a giant prison” have been published in the world’s leading publications. Who caused that? Who is behind these incidents? What is the reason to mine the reputation of Mongolia in foreign countries? The consequence of these incidents is being reflected on each Mongolian household and the livelihood of each individual. What are our legal organizations doing to protect its citizens from this situation? Who is giving an explanation? Or is it true that Mongolia is a giant prison? What will the human rights commission do regarding that issue? I believe that the human rights sub-commission should now hold a meeting and issue an explanation.”
He also stated, “Relevant organizations are saying that death in a detention center of the Court Decision Implementing Agency is a serious incident. Actually it is not an ‘incident’, it is a Mongolian catastrophe. It is a deep catastrophe for the families, children and relatives of these deceased individuals. The question has been raised about where Mongolia is heading, as innocent people who have not been found guilty and are detained in jail are dying.”
Law enforcement organizations have not heard strict and firm criticism or the position of parliament members on mistakes and bungles made during investigation procedures, as stated in recent meetings of standing committee. Maybe members of Parliament and politicians are fearful. Regarding this, Minister L.Bold said, “We won’t be fearful. We are members of Parliament. We will state our minds. Anyone can do anything to us, but we have nothing to fear.”
He explained, “Today, during the meeting of the Standing Committee on Justice, we are discussing laws related to innovations in the judicial sector. The current law on criminal investigation and punishment has features that support and approve of the concept of interrogation and punishment. This concept of accusing someone after interrogation and torture has been kept in Mongolia. Now we are trying to change that situation. But can’t you change interrogation and punishment practices, respecting the right to be alive and basic rights and interests stated in the constitution? I remember one case crystal clear. One commissioner from the Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) called a bed-sore citizen for a hearing. Even though the citizen said he was in a bed-sore situation, the IAAC staff came and carried him to a four-story building and questioned him. We did nor strive for such fear. Isn’t it possible to come and be questioned in some situations? We had a revolution in the 90s and made changes to the Ministry to Protect Society From Danger. Some people call it a revolution without death. We did not join the revolution dreaming of a great life. We made this revolution sacrificing our lives.
“Afterwards we changed everything – including our constitution, changed legal organizations and gave rights to policemen. Soon after, perversion started. You all remember that a former Justice Minister was convicted of a crime, put in a jail and almost killed. Then, rights were given to prosecutors. But the rights were withdrawn from them as it was obvious that prosecutors were becoming the tools of authorities. Then we figured out that the hinge of all these injustices was corruption, and decided to establish an independent organization, the Independent Authority Against Corruption. All rights were given to them, but it led us to today’s situation. Now, what changes should be made and for what? Should we gather at the Central Square again?
“All the methods and tools are the same. Firstly, negative information about a person is spread through the press and media and citizens are led to believe it. Then it becomes boring to people whether that person will be dragged to prison or be killed, because that person has already become the trash of society.
“B.Renchin was a victim of that act. Articles with headline “Seventy-year old needs restraints” appeared in newspapers. In the end, people did not come to B.Renchin’s funeral. My father was suspected and investigated because he cried from deep in his heart at B.Renchin’s funeral.
“All in all, truth wins. Today we have built statue a for B.Renchin. Where are the statues of Lenin and Stalin now? This is not an issue that is resolved by an ideology. It is an issue of people’s choice. But we live in fear today. We are backing away from our democratic choice under the influence of striking each individual, family, organization and society in fear. You should give an answer. You decide if you are going to recover the former Ministry to Protect Society From Danger.
“If there is gap in the law, you tell us and we will fix it. We are not scared. We are members of Parliament. We will state our minds. We should change that situation. Chairmen of relevant organizations are absent today. The Sub-committee on Human Rights is an organization of Parliament. We will work for a guarantee of a democratic society.”

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