Income and asset statements of Parliamentarians released


All state servants including the President, governmental and parliamentary officials annually declare their income and asset statements. The Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) has recently united the income and asset declaration of a total of 239 state servants and released the information publicly.

The following article highlights who in the Parliament, Government and National Security Council had more income in 2013.

President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj:

The total 2013 income of the President was 59,516,890 MNT and the income of his family was 6 million MNT. The President owns one apartment, 23 horses, 5 cows, 30 sheep and 15 goats. He has valuables worth 635 million MNT and keeps 75, 744,000 MNT in his account. According to his declaration he does not own any vehicles, but he has invested in several companies including Mushtaag LLC, Ankh-Erdene LLC, Liberty Institute, Asu LLC, Jenco tour bureau Co. LTD., etc.


Speaker of the Parliament Z.Enkhbold:

Speaker Z.Enkhbold earned 86 million MNT last year, while the members of his family earned 20, 499,000 MNT. He declared that he owns two apartments one horse and has no vehicles in his name.



Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag:

Total income of the Prime Minister in 2013 was 318 million MNT, while his family members earned in total 160 million MNT. According to his declaration he owns two apartments, as well as two cars including a Lexus-470 and a Lexus-570. He saves 114 million MNT in his savings account.

Vice-Speaker of the Parliament, Member of Parliament R.Gonchigdorj:

Last year his income was 50 million MNT. His family earned 8.5 billion MNT. According to the IAAC report he owns 3 apartments and has a savings account with 165 million MNT.


Vice-Speaker of the Parliament, Member of Parliament L.Tsog:

His annual income was 20 million MNT, while his family’s was 25 million MNT. He has two apartments, worth altogether 310 million MNT. Also he owns two vehicles including Toyota Mark – II and Toyota FJ Cruiser.


Vice-Speaker of the Parliament, Member of Parliament M.Enkhbold:

M.Enkhbold declared in his income statement that he earned 43 million MNT a year and his family earned 22, 964,000 MNT. He owns two apartments, a Toyota Land Cruiser – 200, a Mercedes Benz S – 320. Also he has 350 horses and 50 of them are racing breed horses. M.Enkhbold has valuables worth 190 million MNT and saves 276 million and 228 thousand MNT in his account.




The following members of Parliament had the most individual and family income in 2013.


Member of Parliament and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Mongolia L.Bold:

Minister L.Bold is the MP with highest income in 2013. Last year he earned in total 33 billion 139 million and 788 thousand 640 tugriks individually and declared that he has no family income. His income has notably increased in 2013, while in 2012’s statement he declared that he earned 208 million MNT. In terms of assets, he owns three apartments, four horses and has 31 billion 527 million MNT in his account.


Member of Parliament J.Enkhbayar:

He is the MP with the second highest income with 3 billion and 72 million MNT. According to his statement, his income in 2013 decreased by a billion compared with 2012. His family income in 2013 is estimated at 24 million 870 thousand MNT. However, he declared that he has no apartment. He owns valuables worth 100 million MNT and has 3 billion MNT in his savings account.


Member of Parliament D.Zorigt:

 D.Zorigt has been listed in third place with 2013 annual income of 2 billion 47 million MNT, while in 2012 he declared that he earned 459 million MNT. His family’s income is estimated at 140 million MNT. In terms of the real estate, he owns three apartments and keeps valuables worth 750 million MNT. In his savings account he keeps 93.5 million MNT. Also he has declared that he has 10 billion MNT debts to be collected from Odod LLC, Erdenejas and ASU LLC. D.Zorigt has loaned 4 billion MNT from the Trade Development Bank, invested in 15 companies and holds shares worth over 5 billion MNT.


Member of Parliament, Energy Minister M.Sonompil:

Minister M.Sonompil’s income has not increased that significantly in 2013. In 2012’s income statement he declared that he earned one billion 107 million MNT, while in 2013 he earned one billion 120 million MNT. This time the minister declared that he has no household or family income. He owns one apartment, a Lexus-470, Hummer-H2 and breeds 50 sheep and 20 horses. Also he has valuables worth 100 million MNT and saves 15 million MNT in his account. He owes 5 billion MNT to Khaan Bank.


Member of Parliament B.Garamgaibaatar:

He earned 1 billion 27 million MNT in 2013, which is double the amount of his 2012 income. His family income of last year was 1 million 740 thousand MNT. B.Garamgaibaatar has two apartments, saves 30 million MNT in his accounts and invested in four companies, according to the IAAC report.



Member of Parliament, Minister for Education and Science L.Gantumur:

Minister L.Gantumur was the MP with lowest income in 2013. Last year he earned 18 million MNT while in 2012’s statement he declared that he earned 244 million MNT. His family income in 2013 was 57 million 920 thousand MNT. Although, he is the minister with lowest income he has the most apartments. He has more apartments than the richest MP L.Bold. In total he owns four apartments and cars including Nissan Teana, Hyundai Sonata – 5. Also he has 110 horses and saves 11 million MNT in his account, according to his income and asset declaration statement.

Member of Parliament M.Zorigt:

MP M.Zorig earned over 3 billion MNT in 2012, while his income of 2013 was 19 million 776 thousand MNT. He has one apartment, one car and 23 horses. According to his statement he owns 9 million MNT in his account.


Member of Parliament N.Nomtoibayar:

N.Nomtoibayar’s income decreased in 2013. In 2012 he had an income of 820 million MNT, while in 2013 he earned only 19 million 776 thousand MNT. He owns two apartments and holds 13 million MNT in his account. However, he has six cars, including four Mercedes, a Lexus – 570 and a Land Cruiser, which altogether cost 950 million MNT.


Member of Parliament Ya.Sodbaatar:

He passed 2013 with an income of 19 million 776 thousand MNT. His income increased by 3 million MNT in 2013 in comparison with the previous year. Even though he earned low individually, his family income is estimated at 494 million 480 thousand MNT. He has two apartments and holds shares in six companies.

Member of Parliament L.Enkhamgalan:

L.Enkhamgalan earned the same income as N.Nomtoibayar and M.Zorigt. This MP, who runs his own business, declared he has no household income. He owns three apartments and two service places and drives a Land Rover and Range Rover. Also he owns valuables worth 1.6 billion and 540 million MNT. Inter International Group company owes him 2.7 billion MNT. 


The family of MP O.Sodbileg was the family with the highest income – 990 million MNT. In 2012 his family income was estimated at only 9 million MNT. O.Sodbileg individually earned 28 million 600 thousand MNT. He has one apartment and two Mercedes.

Family of Parliamentarian S.Bayartsogt had an income of 975 million MNT in 2013. Also Parliamentarian S.Sarangerel’s family earned 491 million MNT. One of the families whose income was notably increased in comparison with 2012, is D.Battsogt’s family. His family had 80 million 789 thousand MNT income in 2012, while last year it became 487 million 700 thousand MNT. 


There are nine female members in the Parliament. L.Erdenechimeg is leading them with an annual income of 500 million MNT. After her, the parliamentarian D.Oyunkhorol was listed second with an individual income of 260 million 878 thousand MNT and a family income of 252 million 777 thousand MNT. Third place goes to Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ts.Oyungerel. She and her household income are estimated at 353 million MNT altogether. Female parliamentarians with the lowest incomes are D.Arvin and S.Oyun. 


Most of MPs declared that they have livestock. The member of the Parliament with the most cattle is D.Bat-Erdene. He breeds 400 goats, 450 horses, 70 cows and 3100 sheep. While, MP D.Battulga declared that he has only one horse.

Meanwhile, MP Sh.Tuvdendorj has the most pigs. He has five horses and 356 pigs.


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