D.Todnombat : Bringing Mongolian cosmetic surgery to global standards is our purpose


There was a time when Mongolians considered only eyelid surgery as cosmetic surgery. But it has changed now. Whereas some people go to highly developed countries for cosmetic surgery, there are many women that prefer Mongolian cosmetic surgery instead, as it is reasonably priced and performed at a professional level.

We spoke with D.Todnombat, operating surgeon of Tod Kannam Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, about the current and future trends in this industry.

-Public understanding of cosmetic surgery has changed compared to previous years, and when your hospital was established. What kind of surgeries does your hospital conduct?

-It has been a year since our hospital was established. Since that time, we have had our own customers. Our hospital is a cosmetic surgery hospital, so we conduct reconstructive surgery and all kinds of cosmetic surgeries.
-What kind of services do your customers mostly choose? How marketable is cosmetic surgery?
-Recently, girls and women are paying more attention to non-surgical procedures to become beautiful. Skin tightening injections and face lifting with threads are the most popular among women.
- What is the difference between reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery?
People consider cosmetic surgery as eyelid operations, nose, lips, mouth and breast surgery. Generally, they think it is a way of looking nice. But this is just one part of this branch. Reconstructive surgery is one of the branches of medical science. Medical science is divided into internal organs, the nervous system, cardiovascular system and so on, and in the same way, cosmetic surgery is divided and specialized. Plastic surgery is one part of it. That is why people can’t define creating a higher nose and increasing breast size as all there is to cosmetic surgery. Improving reconstructive surgery and making it more technical in Mongolia is our hospital’s purpose . Unfortunately, here there are not specialists and schools in this field of medical science. For that reason, I established my hospital to develop this field after I studied in Korea. Besides conducting cosmetic surgery and looking nice, we conduct reconstructive surgery that originates from any injuries. Making a higher nose is not only cosmetic surgery. It includes both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Making the nose nice is cosmetic surgery and fixing a nose injury or a curved nose is reconstructive surgery.
-For now, if you compare Mongolian cosmetic surgery with other countries, what level has it reached? What are the difficulties facing this surgery?
-This branch is a relatively new branch, so to make its foundation better, we have to invite and employ foreign specialists where cosmetic surgery has been developing very well and learn from them. There are many surgeries that are impossible to conduct. For instance, reconstructive surgeries such as jaw and cheekbone surgery, and birth defects. These difficulties are faced because of the lack of specialists and equipment. So, we have to prepare trained staff and specialists overseas. Cosmetic surgery can be very expensive. If we can improve the field, expenses will decrease.
-For hospitals, equipment is really important in addition to the specialists. The capacity of a hospital’s equipment must be powerful. What about your hospital?
-It is really hard to imagine conducting cosmetic surgery without its equipment. Very small micro-elements of surgery are done by the equipment and some of them have silk-thin points. We have a fat aspiration apparatus, reconstructive and fat melting apparatus.
-There is talk that some people have become victims and that overseas specialists who work in Mongolia have poor qualifications. What do you think about this issue? Where are your consultant doctors from and what are their professional skills?
-When society develops more, people also try to go with this development. In order to look nice and be confident, people have surgery. This is social phenomena. Countries where the cosmetic surgery has developed well also faced the same problems as us. Surgery is not an easy thing. Cosmetic surgery is really hard and every surgery has risks. That is why there is a standard. If we conduct surgery according to standards, there will not be any difficulty. Becoming a victim of cosmetic surgery depends on doing or using the wrong things. In Korea, there are many cosmetic surgery hospitals and surgeons, and it is really competitive. So, there can be such gossip. But about our hospital, our consultant doctors are my teachers and professors of joint hospital and universities.
-Compared to previous times, people have stopped using silicone. Besides increasing breast size, does your hospital increase the size of lips and buttocks? What kind of material do you use instead of silicone?
-The materials used in cosmetic surgery have been changing constantly. Silicone is not being used since it causes cancer. So, implants that are used for increasing the size of breasts and buttocks have been updated. We are using something gel-based instead. And we advise that people not have lip surgery because silicone in the lips doesn’t look so nice, and after a certain time, it loses its shape.

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