Kakuryu hailed as the 71st Yokozuna in history


The Japan Sumo Association announced that Mongolian sumo wrestler Kakuryu M.Anand became the 71st Yokozuna, the highest title in sumo wrestling.
According to Japan Times report on Wednesday, M.Anand’s promotion was confirmed after the rankings for the summer basho (tournament) in May were decided, followed by a meeting of the Japan Sumo Association’s executive board. Kakuryu, whose birth name is Mangaljalav Anand, is the first to attain the top rank since Harumafuji Byambadorj, also from Mongolia, did so at the 2012 fall basho.
“I am determined to focus all my efforts to train even harder and be certain to give all my strength not to defile the Yokozuna name,” Kakuryu said at a ceremony held at Hoganji Temple in Osaka.
Kakuryu, 28, had 14 victories and one loss in his second consecutive tournament towards his first career title at the recently concluded spring tournament in Osaka.
“I am really determined that I have to give my utmost. I have to become a wrestler who is respected,” he added.
His stable master Izutsu told Japan Times, “It’s great that he made it this far. As a Yokozuna I want him to wrestle as long as he possibly can.”
Kakuryu is the sixth foreign-born wrestler to be promoted to sumo’s highest rank. Three Mongolian-born wrestlers, including Hakuho and Harumafuji, currently sit at the top rank.
Here is a brief interview with the 71st Yokozuna Kakuryu M.Anand.
-Have you had difficult training to compete in the spring tournament? Did you train hard both mentally and physically for the tournament?
-Preparation was good enough. I was also in high spirits.
-How did you feel when you received the Emperor’s Cup?
-I can’t say it through words. I thought about my homeland and first step onto the sumo grounds. I also expressed my gratitude for my parents. I almost shed a tear.
-You met three Yokozunas before. What advice did they give you before and after the tournament?
-I had no opportunity to meet them before the matches. It was extremely nice for me that Yokozuna D.Dagvadorj arrived to watch. I felt he was encouraging me from the bottom of his heart. I was full of intensity and aimed to show how a Mongolian has to be, then I won. After the final match, all three Yokozunas congratulated me and slapped me on my shoulder.
-You have already received the Yokozuna title. What is your goal now?
-I have not thought about my long-term goal yet. I understand that I have to wrestle much better than before.

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