Mayor E.Bat-Uul speaks on UB’s current developments


On March 17, Ulaanbaatar governor and City Mayor E.Bat-Uul, gave the public and the press information about construction work which will be implemented this year. We spoke with him for more details about this work.
-When will the implementation of the Smart Ulaanbaatar project start? How much money will be spent in total?
To explain this project in a few words, we are giving citizens and entities the option to manage their work from their home or office. Therefore, companies do not need to lose time when participating in tenders. In other words, city services will be transferred to an online system. The Smart Ulaanbaatar project will be implemented through 2020. Maybe, there is a misunderstanding among the public that it will start tomorrow. This project will be implemented in three phases. In total, 14.3 billion MNT will be needed.
-The city’s new administration building will be built in a suburb. How much money will be spent on this building? How will you decide on the location of current city administration buildings?
There are 548 state services available to citizens. Primarily, 56 services will be online. In order to set up the online system, we are focusing on solving infrastructure issues. Thus, the state services will be received at the khoroo level. For the new centers, the cost is not clear now. Halla Group of the Republic of Korea will build the center from its own capital. But after it is built, the city administration has to pay back the debt through their financing in three years. From the Korean side, the general assessment of financing has already been received, but not yet finalized. In connection, nine city administration buildings will be released and privatized. Our president issued a decree and ordered the organization of the privatization work for Khangarid Palace primarily. Organizing work will be held for the agencies of government going into the palace.
-People are saying that the city’s pure water safety is threatened. How is the city administration taking this issue into account?
Permission for building construction has already been given to the building companies and their wells are out of the pure water protection zone. As the Water Regulation Authority said, they take the pure water resources from a depth of 170 meters and there is no threat of the water becoming contaminated. There is no need to build construction on our pure water reservoir. Thereby, the order was issued. Unfortunately, the order failed at the Administrative Affairs Tribunal.
-The construction companies have not been meeting standards for building work. Recently, one person died due to the irresponsibility of Max Group. What kind of measures are going to be taken against these companies by the city administration?
Last July, the city administration issued the Occupational Safety Ordinance. According to this ordinance, guilty parties will take responsibility. Moreover, companies have to submit their budgets, but they do not do this. As a result, damage and accidents occur. Even if we say there must not be any technical failures, they use the back door.
For example, in Orkhon Town, they installed waste pipes without getting official permission. If they won’t inlet the pipe by paying five million MNT, the environment will be destroyed and the waste could cause infectious disease. Many people think that if they have money they can do anything they want. Cooperating with Mobicom Corporation, we have created a new application that can be used for checking a company’s building license. To use it, consumers have to direct their phone’s camera at the building site and their phone will tell them whether the company has a license, technical and heat permission, who it belongs to and other information.
-What measures will be taken for buildings that are not ready to use, waste time and need to be torn down? Is there any possibility of registering all the buildings in the capital’s boundaries?
First of all, when we demand that companies tear down and they do not accept this demand, we take the buildings as our property and tear them down. All those projects are monitored. About the buildings that are more than 17 floors, the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development will take considerations.
-The Commons of Songino Khairkhan District suggested that the district be divided into two parts. Will the city administration support this?
The Great Khural will solve Songino Khairkhan District’s issue. The Great Khural solves issues such as the division of the districts and delimitation. The issue to divide Songino Khairkhan District has not been delivered to the city administration officially.
-Distributing plastic garbage bags causes another debate. Citizens want to see the city build new kindergartens and schools instead of distributing plastic bags. How will you solve this issue?
Distributing plastic bags will be continued in the future. If people throw their waste in the streets, there are not any measures to handle this problem.
-Has the waste bag budget increased to 4.5 billion MNT3? Why has it increased?
The budget has increased. The number of households to receive plastic bags increased and it led to an increase of expenses. From October 2013 to the first quarter of 2014, for the production of 33.3 million plastic bags and their distribution to 317,131 households, 3.1 billion MNT was spent. But this year, 335 thousand households will receive the plastic bags, and 4.5 billion MNT will be spent to distribute bags from April 2013 to the end of the year.

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