New Government for Changes and new connection with the people


Service oriented government that addresses and resolves the concerns of the people quickly is crucial for a developing country. Right behind the Government Palace, there is an old building, Irgediig Huleen Avah Bair (Public Reception Office), that has an office for registration and appointments for those who need to meet with someone in the Government Palace. This old place always draws a large crowd of people who have appointments with someone in the Government Palace; they wait there for their entrance papers.
There is another office that was initiated under the “New Government for Changes” plan. This new office is specifically for people who have urgent requests and complaints. Since October 2012, people in Mongolia and abroad gained a chance to bring up their concerns, complaints, criticism and suggestions to the government through ten different channels through the 1111 Center. The center’s webpage shares records and updates of all requests that have come through their channels.
The 1111 Center’s Public Relations Chief Specialist D. Byambadulam said, “Since the center was established, we really do our best to save people’s time and lessen their burden.”
Before the center, people were very frustrated with the government’s information processes, particularly when results for their requests went unanswered. But officials say that now they can really focus on the people’s issues and try to resolve their questions and concerns immediately, by sending relevant information to the appropriate agencies and officials.
Therefore, the 1111 service is considered progressive and the right approach to helping citizens. An Ulaanbaatar resident who came to the center for inquiries, Bold, said that he appreciates the center’s prompt and welcoming services that have provided quick responses to the quetion he’s asked. The service is simple, by using the internet or a phone, the public has easy access to the government system. Mongolians can send a text messages, emails or speak online with the center’s staff to make a difference.
The center aims to intensify the transparency and openness of the government by providing real time service to the public with prompt responses. The center can be the place that soothes people’s anger and frustration through their immediate response and resolutions. Various people address the center with different emotions, which are often difficult for customer service representatives to deal with. But with this new system in place, citizens are less upset when they send their requests and are given quick response and decisions regarding their concerns.
The center is fully automated and can gather all requests and complaints from people immediately and then send the information to the appropriate agencies and officials for the follow-up process. All requests and complaints can be decided on within one to 30 days. For requests or suggestions, replies can be given within one or two business days. When it is a legal matter, it may take up to 30 days for a response. Once the center has collected the requests, it sends them to the relevant officials and agencies. The center has requests and complaints not only from citizens across the country, but also from Mongolians who live abroad and foreigners who live in Mongolia.
The center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during weekdays, and weekend hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There are six specialists who collect requests and complaints by Skype, telephone, Facebook, and directly at the center. Nomin, a specialist at the center, has worked there since its establishment and quite enjoys the work. She said that working at the center, she and her colleagues meet “all kinds of people in need and sometimes in desperate situations, but it is rewarding after all of their problems and questions are resolved and it’s nice to hear their heartfelt appreciation.”
The government’s public relations office stated that this past week, 1,085 citizens addressed the center and expressed their requests and complaints. Approximately two-thirds of all the requests were about social issues. Specifically, the center received criticism on public health issues. Many concerns were based on the recent results of the women’s cervical cancer public awareness campaign. If women are diagnosed with cancer, it is still unclear where those people should be treated.
The center also received a lot of criticism regarding the social welfare fund when pensions were delayed. People asked with desperation about when pension payments would be distributed and in response, the city’s Welfare Department Chief said that the monthly pension would be available from their local banks by January 23.
Furthermore, elderly residents of the capital requested receipt of their February pensions in advance due to  Lunar New Year preparations. The government agency immediately responded saying that pensions cannot be given in advance and officials directly contacted inquirers to give explanations.
Among the requests, 354 requests were issues related to the city. On January 23, private bus operators in Ulaanbaatar increased their fees by 100 MNT. Residents were quite upset by the decision and demanded a resolution immediately. The people’s ability to address their problems and concerns to the relevant officials and agencies through the 1111 Center makes life much easier. But most of all, people have become hopeful with the positive changes initiated within the government that connects it with the people.

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