Lunar New Year-Mending Fences


January will melt into February soon. The Lunar New Year will be celebrated on February 1, and families and relatives will gather at the home of the eldest to show respect, share food and catch up with distant relatives. An important part of the Lunar New Year celebration is the preparation, which involves everyone’s joint effort to clean their homes, removing all dirt and dust, making the house as spotless as possible.
We also have to cleanse our hearts – letting go of past resentments and mending broken bonds. “Let’s kiss and make up” is a common phrase used and very important among family members and friends. Mending unpleasant situations should be a rewarding experience during the holiday. Once our hearts are free of resentment, we are ready to share and celebrate the Lunar New Year.
During the national holiday, we traditionally wear our best clothing, have a positive attitude, and do our best to be good hosts to our guests. Most importantly, we help our parents and elders celebrate the New Year festively and more lavishly. So, the holiday is more like a family re-union and time for reconciliation.
We Mongolians have a saying that even the best person who has kind heart would not remember or initiate unless he/she is told. Therefore, I would like to kindly remind everyone that despite the different traditions in other parts of the world, everyone can celebrate the Mongolian custom of paying attention to your parents and the elderly.
If you missed a chance to call or express your love to your parents and family members after the New Year, you still can make that up during the Lunar New Year.
Even though we keep our parents, aunts and uncles in our hearts and minds, we often neglect to call or visit them frequently. It makes no difference if our parents live in the same city or across the globe, we should still take care to honor and respect them.
A frequent long distance call can make a huge difference, even when it is just five minutes. Why not surprise them once in a while by showing your face or by sending a heartfelt letter or a little gift? Parents should always be the most valuable human beings to their children. Fathers and mothers can move mountains as a sign of love for their children.
Our parents often appear strong and independent to us. However, deep down, they always depend on our happiness and health, and need our care. When we are young, our parents give us their undivided attention which is often taken for granted. But as we grow up and leave the nest, we are overwhelmed by our own independence and detach ourselves gradually from the rest of the family.
It is often tempting to think that we are not a little child to our parents anymore. However, we will always remain a child to them – the way they first saw us as we were born. So why not call or write to your parents to whom you are the dearest in the world and tell them how much you love them before the Lunar New Year.

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