Schedule to be implemented from this morning


The Governor of Ulaanbaatar City, E.Bat-Uul, the Traffic Police Department and the Public Transportation Authority of Mongolia organized a press conference on August 24 to announce the changes made to the schedule of major trade centres and traffic routes to be involved in restrictions (See list and picture).
In accordance with an Order of the Governor of Ulaanbaatar City, the new schedule and ‘once a week’ traffic restrictions will start at 7 o’clock on August 27. The order will last until October 27 in Ulaanbaatar. If the 15 proposals, including the schedule (which have been approved by the Ulaanbaatar City Council) affects the traffic congestion positively, the proposals will continue operating in our city.
The traffic police will operate and supervise the traffic from 7 o’clock on August 27 and whoever violates the order will be dealt with. The Traffic Police Department will also hire 150 more assistant workers to ensure the order is enforced. It should be mentioned that 12 more tow trucks will be imported from Japan as our country currently has only two. This will enable the roads to be free from cars which park in restricted area or on the first lane of road.
Drivers are prohibited from taking part in traffic on the following roads once a week from 7AM-10PM, depending on their vehicles’ state number.
Restricted Road Names:
•Road of Ikh Toiruu and minor roads inside it.
•The road from the Crossway of Central Geological Laboratory in Peace Avenue to the Crossway of Chuluun Ovoo.
•The road from the crossway which goes apart to Tuv Province to the south eastern crossway of the 3rd Power Station.
•The road from the south eastern crossway of 3rd Power Station to the Peace Bridge.
•The road from 32 Crossway to the Crossway of 7 Buudal.
•The road from the crossway of Belkh to the crossway of Sansar Fuel Station.
•Dorj Street.
•Enebish Avenue.
•The Crossway of 120 Myangat.


№ Names of Trade and Service Centres Entity name Location Day off Opening time Closing Time
1 Narantuul Market Narantuul Ltd Bayanzurkh District (BZ), 14th Khoroo Tuesday 12:00 21:00
2 Uguumur Diamond LTD BZ, 14th Khoroo Wednesday 12:00 21:00
3 Sunday Sunday Plaza Ltd BZ, 14th Khoroo Monday 10:00 22:00
4 Tsaiz Zakh BZ, 19th Khoroo Wednesday 10:00 19:00
5 Services via Tsaiz Zakh-Da Khuree-Sharkhad BZ, 14th, 19th Khoro Monday 14:00 22:00
6 Mercury Trade Centre Gurvan Evten Ltd Sukhbaatar District, 3rd Khoroo Monday 11:00 20:00
7 Khar Khorin Market Chinggis Trade Bayangol District 20th Khoroo Monday 07:00 15:00
8 Bumbugur-1 Erdenebulgan Ltd Chinggeltei District, 2nd Khoroo Monday 07:00 15:00
9 Sodon Centre Erdenebulgan Ltd Chinggeltei District, 2nd Khoroo Thursday 11:00 20:00

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  1. If you break the law and drive on the wrong day, what is the punishment from the police? What do they do?

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