There aren’t many things worse than seeing your own child in pain and struggling to live hour by hour, but this is what Zorigoo has to endure as his two and a half year old son, Anand, is suffering from Dandy-Walker syndrome, a congenital brain malformation involving the cerebellum and the fluid filled spaces around it.
According to Dr. Park Kwan Tae, a Korean doctor who is working on young Anand’s case, the boy needs to be operated on immediately. “He needs the emergent therapeutic intervention of an operative drainage procedure. It is called a ventricle-peritoneal shunt operation and it is not a very high-risk operation, but it is unavailable in Mongolia.”
“He is suffering from a disease that is a kind of congenital malformation. From a small brain and obstruction of intracranial circulation, his hydrocephalus is very severe and he is also suffering from frequent seizures due to high intracranial pressure,” he added. Although Anand needs treatment immediately, Zorigoo and his wife can’t afford it.
The story of Anand was told to us by Elizabeth Koppa, Zorigoo’s employer at Valiant Arts & Interiors. Koppa, a Poland-born Swedish citizen who has lived and worked in Mongolia for 10 years, overcame cancer several years back and helped many others with the terrible burden.
Koppa said that she only found out about Zorigoo and his son’s illness when she was on the verge of firing him after repeated absences from work. “Zorigoo, one of the technicians in my company, had repeatedly left his working post, even though my reprimands were more and more frequent and severe. I was on the way to give him a note expelling him from work… Only after the escalation of arguments between us, Zorigoo, with tears in his eyes, revealed the reason why this was happening. For two years I was totally unaware of the situation I heard then. No one in the company knew it.
“I got to know about how this young father of two children, Anand and a girl born a few months ago, ran to his home to help his wife to save his boy during seizures – epileptic convulsions, which have recently become very frequent,” Koppa added.
Instead of firing him, Koppa decided to help Zorigoo and Anand, and through her connections, she found Dr. Park, who is the chief of the Transplantation and Vascular Surgery Division and Vice Director of Organ Transplantation Center at Korea University’s Anam Hospital. Park, who has previously worked in regions affected by natural disasters, diagnosed Anand and arranged an operation at one of the best Korean hospitals, Anam Hospital.
“We got information that only passports and visas are needed, and doctors in Korea are ready to give treatment immediately,” reported Koppa. The cost of the operation is estimated to be 30,000 USD, including the cost of travel and lodging for one parent. The treatment would take approximately 10 days and Dr. Park organized a big discount for the procedure, as much as 30 percent. Anand was still around 20,000 USD short when the generous workers of Valiant Art & Interiors decided to help. “All my employees decided to designate 50 percent of their monthly salaries to Anand’s cause,” said Koppa.
Currently, Anand is around 15,000 USD short, and his situation is worsening by the hour. “He’s already closed his eyes and started disconnecting with the world around him,” said Koppa.
It’s sad to see this beautiful little boy suffer, and his family can’t do anything. We need to help. We have opened a special bank account for Anand for donations. I know that lots of people are suffering in Mongolia but why not start with just one, and maybe that will open up a way,” she added.
Since immediate action is necessary, Koppa has asked us to help Anand’s cause. If you wish to donate or help Anand, please contact Valiant Art & Interiors (Phone: +976) 7012 0086 , 7012 0073; Fax: +976 7012 0083; and E-mail: elisabeth@valiantglobal.com.)
“Anything will help. You may stop the suffering of this little boy and maybe even save his life, as the situation is very dire. Please donate whatever you can. Even small amounts can bring a big total,” said Koppa.

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