Government Palace Now Open to the Public


On Saturday August 25, the new government has assembled for the first time.
During the assembly, the new government opened the State Ceremony and Honor’s Hall of the government Palace and discussed the petroleum and diesel supply, this year’s harvest, industry and agriculture, the power supply, road, transportation, construction, urban development and winter preparations.
The new government, headed by N.Altankhuyag, made a key decision to open the Government Palace to the public. This decision was made to allow the public to see the statues of great Chinggis Khaan and other heroes as well as historically significant artefacts and gallery in the State Ceremony and Honor’s, which was previously closed to the public.
In other words, starting from August 26, at 11:40 am, the public will be able to enter the Government Palace from the south side during certain hours and see the state museum where many cultural, traditional, state, civil relations artefacts and evidence are displayed, as well as pay respects to the statue of great Chinggis Khaan and the nine white flags of the state. No fees are required for citizens to enter the Government Palace.
This decision was made by the government with the hopes to instil pride of our history, culture and nation as well as to educate and show tourists about the tradition and heritage of our national.
This year is the 850th anniversary of the birth of the great Chinggis Khaan. Furthermore, every Saturday and Sunday at 11:40 am, the honorary guards will pay a tribute to the statue of Chinggis Khaan, which means during this time, people will be able to take pictures with the honorary guards.
The government also informs the press that the honorary guards will perform a flag ceremony during each holiday special event at 09:00 am.

Harvest to be Collected Shortly

The Minister of Industry and Agriculture Kh.Battulga has introduced the estimations of this year’s harvest.
The harvesting this year will be conducted shortly as planned.

The Minister of Roads and Transportation A.Gansukh, Minister of Mining D.Gankhuyag and Minister of Power and Energy M.Sonompil were given commissions to prepare the construction of roads and bridges, power and energy supply and petroleum and fuel needed for transporting the harvest.
This year, Mongolia has planted 306 thousand hectares of wheat, 16 thousand hectares of potato, seven thousand hectares of vegetables, 32 thousand hectares of oil plants, 11 thousand hectares of nutritional plants and 712 hectares of fruit.
The press and information department of the government informs that this year was plentiful in rain and that if the weather continues to be good, the harvesting work will be ready by September 10.

Thermal Power Plant Reconstruction at 80 Percent Completion

By August 20, heavy equipment reconstruction was at 70 percent and light equipment reconstruction was at 80 percent. The coal stock pile for non-central thermal plants was estimated to be 69 percent. Heating line reconstruction is at 75 percent and the reconstruction of consumer organizations is at 80 percent.
The government gave commissions to prepare for winter to the related ministers, such as preparing a 20 day stock pile of resources.
The mayors and governors of aimags and the capital city were told to complete the construction of buildings, roads, bridges and heating lines on time as the cold season is near.
The jobs that have been delayed were told to draw conclusions immediately and take the necessary actions in order to be completed on time, such as the expansion of Umnugobi aimag’s Dalanzadgad Thermal Power Plant and the reconstruction of the central heating line and station of Uvs, Khovd and Dornogobi aimag’s.
The press and information department of the government informed local media of their discussions regarding the construction and operations of the power plant and power line of Khuvsgul, Uvs and Sukhbaatar aimags.

Civil Servants Internet Use Restricted

The government has issued plans to disable the internet connections of the work computers of civil servants, to close the input and output source of the data of the computers, to limit internet communication to receiving and sending necessary information only by official state e-mails, to restrict WiFi zones at state organisations, except at the governmental palace, and to use it only at certain permitted areas. The initiative is intended to have civil servants stop using the internet during working hours, therefore increasing productivity and time management. This initiative will become available for over 80 state organisations to exchange data via the network and insure that state information is safe. The related ministers and directors of agencies were given duties to formulate rules, provide authorities, and to decide how to finance this work.

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