Mongolia to recycle junked cars


Approximately 650,000 vehicles are registered in Mongolia and over 500, or 75 percent of them, have been used for more than ten years. A certain number of vehicles fall out of use every year, but unfortunately, none of them are recycled locally, as there is no car recycling center in Mongolia. Instead, their parts are sold.

Member countries of the European Union adopted a law to recycle all unusable cars in 2002, while the U.S., Great Britain, Japan and South Korea officially began using end-of-life car recycling technology starting in 2005.

The government is now considering adopting the technology in Mongolia, and has been studying car recycling technology since last year to avoid the waste created by inoperable cars and make a profit from the process.

Chief of the Technology and Specialization Division of the Ministry of Roads and Transportation, N.Battulga, gave an interview about the recycling program.

-How will the inoperable and old cars be recycled?

-We are taking proposals from auto-based ministries on improving the legal framework for recycling vehicles, and cooperating with citizens and companies that run auto repair and trade businesses, as well as auto sector experts.

The open disposal of inoperable cars is massively damaging to the environment. Antifreeze used for cooling systems damages the ozone layer, while automotive oils and accumulator fluids damage the soil to the extent that it can’t be recovered ever again.

The Asian Automotive Recyclers Association had its seminar in September 2013. During the seminar, we proposed that Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) cooperate with Mongolia on formulating a pre-feasibility study for a car recycling center, training specialized staff for the center, opening a designated vocational center, and introducing modern recycling technology. Accordingly, KOICA officials visited Mongolia and agreed that a recycling center is necessary here. For the pre-feasibility study and the initial stage of the establishment of vocational center and a recycling center, an estimated one million USD would be spent. We are planning to start the construction next year.

-Where is the planned location for the recycling center?

-Ulaanbaatar City Administration has decided to build it in Emeelt in the 20th khoroo of Khan-Uul District, where the industrial park will be developed.

-How many vehicles will be recycled at the center?

-The center will recycle around 50,000 vehicles per year. The Mongolian economy will be able to earn approximately 15 million USD in revenue from it. In total, 95 percent of all inoperable cars will be recycled. The remaining five percent will be turned into ash that doesn’t harm the environment.

In addition, the center will recycle refrigerators, television sets, and boilers. It will also create over 1,000 job opportunities for citizens.

-How much financing will the project require in total?

-We are planning to establish a complex with a recycling center, vocational center, staff dormitory, offices, and a small thermal power plant all available in one location. The recycling center will consist of facilities for car receiving, dismantling, parts classification and parts repair. The latter facility will repair car parts that can be re-used. All the financing will total 38 million USD. Six million USD is required for the recycling plant alone.

-How much will the center pay for inoperable cars?

-The center will buy each inoperable cars for between 200 to 2,000 USD.

- Do you think it is possible to manufacture cars in Mongolia?

-Why not? I think it is possible in the future.

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