Kh.Bayarmaa: Miss World was a rare opportunity in my life


The following is an interview from the Daily News newspaper with Bayarmaa Khuselbaatar who recently represented Mongolia in the 62nd Miss World Beauty pageant that took place at the Inner Mongolian city of Ordos, China.

-You participated in the Miss World 2012 competition, representing Mongolia. Tell us about it.
-I came to Mongolia the day before yesterday (August 21). I competed with beautiful girls from 116 countries with one purpose. I learned many things. I was encouraged by this competition a lot and am full of aspiration and the will to do many things. When I got off the plane, the wind and the blue sky of my Mongolia seemed very nice. It was also very nice to see my mother. I have been abroad for about a month so it was good to see Mongolians.
-You must have missed your home country a lot?
-Of course. I was the only Mongolian there. I wanted to speak Mongolian so much because I have been communicating with other Miss World contestants and the organizers in English. I couldn’t be free as if I was home during the pageant. I used to get up at 5 am in the morning. Even if I want to let loose a little, cameras were following us everywhere we went, so it wasn’t possible. I had to be careful in everything I did. I tried my best because if I did something wrong I would have made Mongolia ashamed. It is really pleasant to do as I like back home.
-China is a country with a lot of discipline. Was the contest very strict on everything?
-All the Miss World representatives of countries were under protection and control. It was very organized like a half-militarized organization. We didn’t have the right to be late for a minute. I realized how time is precious. The daily lives of Chinese people start very early in the morning. I thought for this reason their rate of work is very high. I also felt discipline and order very much while I was there. The Miss World beauty pageant took place in China twice. The safety of the competition is also very important since 116 women from all around the world were taking part in it. So protection was also in high level.
-Could you tell us why you were chosen to participate in the Miss World Competition? I heard that you were to attend the competition unintentionally?
-I knew that I was to attend the Miss World a week before it started. Many girls competed in the first round of the contest. There is an official delegate of the Miss World organisation in every country. The Mongolian delegate is Erkhembayar of Desoft Studio. He is a husband of actress T.Uuduu. My mother (whose mother is famous actress, Ulziikhuu) heard about the beauty contest from T.Uuduu. Before the preliminary round, Erkhembayar’s brother called my mother and suggested I attend the selection. Then I filled the registration application out in English. One of the most significant criterions of the Miss World pageant is family upbringing. The judges look at how contestants interact with other people, how they are educated and how quickly they adapt to the new environment. I consider myself as a person who has a good family background.
Foreign language knowledge and talents are also important factors. I graduated from the Mongolian University of Culture and Arts as a professional actress, so it was easy for me since I got accustomed to feeling free on stage. I sent my pictures to the Miss World 2012 organizers and I qualified the week after. Then I became so nervous I almost decided not to participate in it. Erkhembayar said to me, “There’s nothing to be afraid and nervous about. There isn’t anybody who prepared for the competition for years. They’re just like you. It will depend only on your upbringing.” I thought inside that it is a rare opportunity in life. My father encouraged me a lot and then I decided to give it a try.
-How were you different from other contestants?
-Many people think Asians are very modest and shy. My roommate Miss Nepal said that she thought at first, “I am going to be in one room with Miss Mongolia. She must be very shy.” We lived together in one room for a whole month. Before I went back to Mongolia, she told me, “I never think you are an Asian. You’re a hot-blooded, energetic and a confident Mongolian girl. You seem just like a European girl. I think Mongolians are a very intelligent nation.”
Actually there is no country which doesn’t know Mongolia today. The other 115 Miss World contestants were saying and asking, “Your country was called Chinggis Khan’s nation before. Now it is a rich Mongolia, isn’t it?” I don’t think I am a very beautiful miss. I was a typical Mongolian girl before I competed in the Miss World. In the beginning, I was wondering why I was chosen to represent my country from the many beautiful and talented women in Mongolia. I also realized how Mongolian girls are gorgeous when I was participating Miss Mongolia. I thought, “How remarkable Mongolian descent is.” Latin American women are said the most beautiful in the world. Mongolian women are also beautiful like them though.
-What is your height? How tall were you among the Misses of other countries?
-My height is 178 cm. I was of average height among them. The tallest was Miss Turkey; she is 195 cm tall. Generally we wear ten cm high heels so we become taller.
-What are the requirements for competing in the Miss World pageant?
-Number one is the personal development and organization. I used to get up at 5 in the morning, did my makeup and dress in my nicest clothes. One day Julia Morley, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Miss World organization said to us, “It is essential that you should look beautiful from the outside, but you don’t need to wear expensive brands. The only criterion all the time is personal upbringing and development. Pay more attention to this than the appearance.”
-What were the most memorable moments while attending the Miss World pageant?
-Inner Mongolians received me very nicely because I was from Outer Mongolia. They also wanted to take photos with me a lot. Perhaps for this reason, Miss China Yu Wenxia and I attended many receptions and events together. For one concert I sang ‘Ehiin setgel’ (Heart of a mother) and all the misses from other countries were cheering ‘Miss Mongolia.’ I was about to cry when my mother appeared in my eyes while I was singing this beautiful song about a mother. After I finished the song with tears in my eyes, everybody in the hall stoop up and clapped. When the concert ended, the other contestants came to me and kissed me saying that, “Despite the fact that we don’t understand your language, you made us miss our mothers and home countries.” That felt very nice. I felt really proud that I was born as Mongolian at that time. On the final selection ceremony, nine dance performances which were selected from the ‘Dance of the world’ category were performed. I was one of the nine and performed the Mongolian traditional dance ‘Jalam Khar.’ It was very well-received by the audience. My father was watching me in the audience. There were very few people who were raising the Mongolian flag to cheer me, though, it seemed absolutely lovely to me. Mongolians are said to have a good heart, blue spot and blue sky. I unconsciously felt very proud.
-Did you look for your father while you were on stage?
-Yes, I searched to find him. But the stadium was so big that I couldn’t him. But I saw the flag of Mongolia. Now that I think about it, the whole world became so small at that time. All misses from all around the world united under one roof. Parents came to support their daughters from as far away as Uganda.
-After the Miss World pageant concluded, the foreign press and media spread news saying, “China hosted the competition so that they could give the title to one of their own.” What is your opinion about this?
-Miss China is one of my good friends. All contestants were divided into four groups. We two were in one group. I saw this news on the internet and it’s not true. Miss World is the most reputable competition of its kind. That’s why it is organized very fair. Over two billion people watch the contest so they can’t deceive that many people. All the other contestants accepted Miss China when she was crowned as Miss World 2012.
-Is it true that conflicts sparked due to Miss China only knowing Chinese?
-The language in which the miss speaks is not a problem. The most importantly thing is her personal upbringing. The language is not a vital factor since Miss World is a goodwill ambassador who will encourage and help people in need and who will share their hardships.
-Who pays the expense to participate in the contest?
-The expense of the Miss World pageant events is backed by the organisers. Other expenses you should finance yourself. It was actually quite a lot so my parents helped me.
-You mother made you enter the fashion world right?
-Honestly, I am a person who doesn’t know a lot about fashion. My mother first made me a student of model instructors Kh.Badamgerel and Ch.Sodtuya of the ‘Asian Model’ agency. I learnt many things from them.
-Will you work for your parents’ “Shildeg Ungu” production since you are an actress?
-I have a will to work in my profession. I want to become an actress at the State Academic Theatre of Drama. I will try to contribute to “Shildeg Ungu” production as much as I can. The work of the production is going very well lately.
-Did you face any difficulties or hardships during the Miss World?
-This is a secret among Miss World contestants. There were hard times when I wanted to give up. But I have no other way but to overcome all of these since I went there to represent my country. Of course it isn’t easy to manage all these things for a whole month. I slept only five minutes some days. The organizers demanded the contestants bear the workload. Miss China proved how patient she is.
-You were showing your support for the athletes who were attending the London Olympics on Facebook. How much spare time did you have?
-It was part of our duties to communicate via Facebook. It was one of the indicators of the Multimedia Awards category. We didn’t have any spare time; we were only scheduled to login to our Facebook pages. I didn’t watch TV for a month. Inner Mongolia has banned social network sites such as YouTube, Facebook and twitter. I was only informed how well our Mongolian athletes were doing by other people. I wished them good luck and supported them by Facebook since they are bearing the hardships just for Mongolia.
-Mongolian traditional costumes stood out from others on the stage?
-I wore a costume made by designer Tselmeg of ‘Shilmel Zagvar’ Company on the ‘Designer Awards’ event of the contest. I wanted to differ from other contestants so I choose traditional clothing of Mongolia. The hat which I wore was very splendid. I received some criticism from other misses that I wore traditional costume, not an evening gown. Despite this, the judges liked it a lot.
-How many challenge events did you compete?
-The main categories were the ‘Talent performing’ event, ‘Miss with a Purpose,’‘Top Model,’‘Beach Beauty,” the ‘Sports and Fitness’ event and the Multimedia Awards. I couldn’t attend the ‘Miss with a Purpose’ category since I knew I would participate in the contest just a week before it started. I was included in the top 10 of Talent Miss, top 40 of ‘Beach Fashion’ contest, and top 25 in the ‘Sports and Fitness’ event.As for the ‘Multimedia Awards,’ though the Mongolian population is small, I collected over 8000 ‘likes’ on Facebook. I would like to express my gratitude for everyone who supported and encouraged me.
-Have you planned your marriage?
-I am 20 years old now. I have many things to do and plans to make. I am planning to get married at around the age of 25. I believe that I will meet a guy who is kind and wise someday.
-What is your weight, and body proportion?
-I am not that slim. I am 62 kg now. When I came to Ordos, I was 68 kg. I am 95x65x93.
-I heard you used to go to taekwondo course?
-I was quite a weak child. So my father enrolled me in the taekwondo course. This helps me a lot now. When I trained I got a yellow belt. I also won the gold cup from the ‘Suudriin Tulaan’ competition.

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