L.Gantumur: We will abolish state interference with scientific development


-Minister of Education and Science L.Gantumur grants certificates for four million MNT scholarships to 12 young scientists-

Mongolia celebrated Scientist’s Day on Wednesday, November 27, and the Minister of Education and Science, L.Gantumur, delivered a speech during an award ceremony.

“A science sector that waits for funding from the state, and does nothing except actions that are guided by the state is proven to be unproductive and disadvantageous. But now it is time for scientists to manage their works independently. We will abolish the state’s interference in scientific organizations, which is preventing independent operation and creative development of businesses. Scientists’ income will not be deducted or increased, but the income must be lawful and transparent to the public.”

Four scientists were granted the B.Shirendev’s Prize, State Hero of Labor and State Honored Scientist, as well as the Ts.Damdinsure’s Prize, named after the three time winner of the State Prize, the People’s Writer and academic.

The minister also reported that a national science database, www.science.gov.mn, dedicated to Mongolian scientists, has been launched.

The Vice President of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, T.Dorj said, “In the past, scientists had only a limited right to publish the results of research in business and earn profit. But that is changing now. Once the state interferences are abolished, we will be able to keep skilled scientists in the sector for longer periods.”

As part of Scientist’s Day, Minister L.Gantumur granted financial scholarships of four million MNT to 12 young scientists in recognition of their outstanding research.

One of the scholarship recipients, a scientist of the Veterinary Institute, B.Enkhtaivan, conducted the first ever scientific research on louses and discovered a blood parasite that causes physical illness in humans and animal found in.

The young scientists said that they will spend their scholarships on their scientific research and doctoral degree fees. They will report their spending to the Ministry of Education and Science in two years time.

Minister L.Gantumur gave a short interview at the event.

-What is the current condition of the Mongolian science sector? Scientists agree that state support for the sector is insufficient. What is your opinion on the matter?

-The biggest problem in the sector is that projects and their real life applications are far from each other. Under the strict management and supervision of the state, Mongolian scientists’ research will not be able to contribute to Mongolia’s development and the international science sphere.

-What’s the ministry’s plan to develop Mongolia’s science sector in the future?

-Scientists must learn more about various sources of financial benefits. Science sectors that operate with funding from the state budget in various countries are facing problems. To increase the productivity of our scientists, we must link them to international investors. Science will flourish and the skill and ability of Mongolian scientists will improve only if the public can make use of their discoveries and studies.



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