Construction of a paved road from Ulaanbaatar to the Chinese border completed


The 116 km road connecting Sainshand soum and Zamyn-Uud, at the Mongolia-China border, was opened on November 20. The project was the last project to be completed in a series of road projects linking Ulaanbaatar and Dornogovi Province by paved road.

Prior to the project, paved road was available only between Ulaanbaatar and Choir (in the center of Gobisumber Province). A 176 km road from Choir to Sainshand was constructed and became operational on September 5, 2013.

The project was completed as part of a contract between the government of Mongolia, the Asian Development Bank’s Regional Auto Road Development Project, and the Millennium Challenge Account in Mongolia.

By the end of last year, the total length of paved roads in Mongolia was around 3,000 km. The Prime Minister said that the length of hard paved roads increased by 1,800 km this year.


Road from Khamaryn Khiid to Sainshand soum opens

Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag took part in the opening ceremony for the 42 km paved road from Khamaryn Khiid (Temple of the Nose) to Sainshand soum, in the center of Dornogovi province, which officially opened on November 20. The project’s construction was funded by the state budget and the final cost reached 17.6 billion MNT. China-based Hengchang Urban Constructions and Mongolia’s Zamyn Bitum executed the construction.

The road was built to meet local demands and make it convenient for tourists to travel to Dornogovi, as the province is has become a popular destination for domestic and foreign travelers in recent years. Up to 80 percent of the people visiting the province go for tourism purposes. The most popular tourist attractions in Dornogovi are Khamaryn Khiid, World Energy Center and Khan Bayanzurkh Mountain. The newly built road is expected to contribute significantly to the already flourishing tourism industry in the province.

The Prime Minister said that he is pleased that the new road will lead tourists to the region’s landmarks, and he congratulated the road’s builders for completing the project on time.

The Governor of Dornogovi Province, P.Gankhuyag, pledged that the province administrators will take measures to maintain and ensure the quality of the roads and build more roads to welcome more tourists.


Prime Minister inspects progress of development projects in Zamyn-Uud

The government allocated 15 billion MNT to the “New Soum” development project in Zamyn-Uud soum. The project will build new schools, kindergartens, and hospitals, as well as a sports, cultural and population development center. Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag visited the construction site to inspect the progress of the project after the opening ceremonies of the new roads.

Front Gate is constructing the development center at the cost of 5.8 billion MNT. As of Wednesday, the project was at 40 percent completion. Builders told the Prime Minister that the construction work was delayed after two cement mixers stopper functioning due to the cold weather.

Arvis International is building a hospital with 100 beds, and the company said their completion rate is at 50 percent so far. The Prime Minister noted that the government is expecting a high quality hospital, as the state spared no cost by financing four billion MNT. He also noted that hospitals constructed with the same amount of financing must be handed over to the government fully equipped.


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