Coalition Government of Mongolia Now Complete


The Prime Minister of Mongolia, N.Altan­khuyag, submitted the names of five Ministers of the Cabinet to the Speaker of the Parliament, Z.Enkhbold, on August 20th.
The four Ministers were promoted from the Justice Coalition (Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party – Mongolian National Democratic Party) and one Minister from the Civil Will Green Party. Deputy Head of the MPRP, D.Terbishdagva, was elected as the Deputy Prime Minister; Secretary General of the MPRP, N.Udval, as the Minister for Health; Secretary of the MPRP, Ch.Ulaan, as the Minister for Finance; and President of “Zaluu Mongol” Corporation, M.Sonompil, was appointed as the Minister for Energy. The Leader of the Civil Will Green Party, S.Oyun, was promoted as Minister for Nature, Environment and Green Development.
Due to the nomination as the Minister of Finance, the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Ch.Ulaan, had to resign from his current duty of the Speaker. At the beginning, Parliament resolved the issue to release Ch.Ulaan from his Deputy Speaker position and nominate him for the Minister of Finance, where 38 members of 53 who were present at the session meeting approved accordingly.
However, once Ch.Ulaan was approved as the Minister of Finance and was released from the Deputy Speaker position, Parliament approved the new Deputy Speaker who was promoted from “Justice” Coalition—Log TSOG, who is current Secretary of the MPRP.

Thus with these events, the Coalition Government of Mongolia headed by N.Altankhuyag has began its work with a complete composition under 19 Ministers of the Cabinet of Mongolia.

Cabinet of the Ministers of Mongolia 2012-2016
1. Prime Minister of Mongolia – N.Altankhuyag
2. Deputy Prime Minister – D.Terbishdagva
3. Minister of the Cabinet Office of the Government of Mongolia – Ch.Saikhanbileg
4. Minister for Foreign Affairs – L.Bold
5. Minister for Justice – Kh.Temuujin
6. Minister for Construction and Urban Development – Ts.Bayrsaikhan
7. Minister for Defense – D.Bat-Erdene
8. Minister for Road and Transportation – A.Gansukh
9. Minister for Culture, Sports and Tourism – Ts.Oyungerel
10. Minister for Mining – D.Gankhuyag
11. Minister for Industry and Agriculture – Kh.Battulga
12. Minister for Labor – Ya.Sanjmyatav
13. Minister for Population Development and Social Welfare – S.Erdene
14. Minister for Economic Development – N.Batbayar
15. Minister for Education and Science – L.Gantumur
16. Minister for Health – N.Udval
17. Minister for Finance – Ch.Ulaan
18. Minister for Energy – M.Sonompil
19. Minister for Nature, Environment and Green Development – S.Oyun

In accordance with completion of the composition of the Government Cabinet, the Prime Minister of Mongolia, N. Altankhuyag, delivered his demands listed as follows to the newly elected Cabinet Ministers.

As reported by the Press and Media Department of the Government, the Prime Minister’s expectation are thus:

-Maintain order and have decisions made openly and clearly to the public
-Fight firmly against corruption and bribery
-Implement an innovative policy in the working sectors and banish the rude and lackluster service
-Work during weekdays and weekends at least 12 hours
-Attend Saturday’s weekly Government meeting
-Work in related rural and local areas on Sundays
- Only twice a year pay working visits to foreign countries
-Strictly observe punctuality
-Ask for an orientation from the Prime Minister in order to keep the staff specialized and keen
-Advised to not attend any receptions other than diplomatic ones
- Advised to not go to pubs and bars during the night time
- Advised to not have an annual vacation during their term of office
-Implement orders and directions given by the Premier without any delays
- Advised to not be involved in fights or in other immoral actions
In the parliamentary election on June 28, the Democratic Party won 31 seats in the out of 76 seats, becoming the largest party in the country’s supreme legislature.
However, failing to become an absolute majority, the party had to form a coalition with Civil Will-Green Party and the Justice Coalition—which is formed of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party and the Mongolian National Democratic Party.
The new coalition government has 16 ministries and 19 cabinet members, including Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and head of Cabinet Secretariat.
Mongolia’s previous government had 11 ministries and 15 cabinet members.

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  1. Why the increase in the number of ministries and cabinet positions? And the “all work and no play” instruction is likely to produce extremely tired ministers incapable of making sound judgements. Whilst wishing to tackle rampant corruption is to be applauded, the intention of making ministers work until they drop is not.

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