374th Anniversary of Ulaanbaatar seeks to delight citizens

The 374th Anniversary of Ulaanbaatar (UB) took place on October 29. The People’s Writer of Mongolia P.Badarch opened the event by reciting a poem dedicated to UB, which was written by the State Prized Writer Ts.Gaitav and wished a joyous anniversary for the capital city residents.
The location of Ulaanbaatar was chosen in 1778, and as a symbol of the city’s foundation and longevity, a turtle statue was erected in 1994. During the anniversary, officials from the capital city administration and Ulaanbaatar residents paid respect to the statue.
After that, the statue of D.Natsagdorj, founding father of Mongolian modern literature, was moved from the National Garden to a spot in front of the Ulaanbaatar Hotel, where the communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin’s statue previously stood.
Both senior and younger writers expressed their gratitude to city administrators for placing the statue in front of the Ulaanbaatar Hotel, as they feared it was taken down perminantly.
An event that widely reached the public was the “Big Bonus and Super Sale” at Central Square and specified locations in six central districts of the capital city. At the event, national enterprises such as Gobi Cashmere, Max Food, Altan Joloo Trade, and Teso handed out 374 gifts for visitors.
The capital city maintenance workers who serve from dawn to dusk were given work gloves, vests and boots. Cashmere and leather product manufacturers announced a 30 to 70 percent sale on their displayed products, and meat and meat products were 30 percent off.
The price of mutton was cut to 3,700 MNT per kg and goat meat to 2,700 MNT, to the delight of many residents as the lowest market price for the product currently stands at 5,000 MNT.

The event took place with the support of 50 companies after evaluating how developed countries organize similar events.
Residents of UB said that they have delivered requests to hold such events two or three times a year to the city authorities, as it proved fruitful. Subsequently, the city authority pledged to organize more events next year, according to O.Narantuya, chief of the Food, Trade and Service Division of the Ulaanbaatar City Governor’s Office (UCGO).
The last event of the anniversary was the Award Ceremony of the “Grand Prize” for the best development projects in the capital city.
In total, 21 development projects in four categories were nominated and the winners were selected by a working group consisting of delegates from the UBGO, UB City Agency for General Planning, State Specialized Inspection Agency, Design Institute of UBGO, non-governmental organizations, professional unions and UB residents.

Below is a list of winners of the “Grand Prize” for the best development projects in Ulaanbaatar in four categories.

Best New Factory with Advanced Technology: Ulaanbaatar LLC, an auto road curb and water drainage line construction factory
Best Auto Road and Road Construction Development: Expansion and repair project of the First Micro-District’s northern road and intersection, executed by Express Road LLC
UB City’s Best Construction: Viva City, micro district for youth, constructed by MCS Properties
Best Infrastructure and Engineering Construction: Construction of two water tanks, a 5.3 km pipeline, and a pump built for the drinking water supply project for the Yarmag Apartment Town under construction near Yarmag Bridge, built with aid from KOIKA
Fifth Runner-up Project: Street Project, implemented by the Ministry of Economic Development and Sun Bridge, and constructed by JFE Engineering Corporation

Unlike previous years, where only state workers celebrated the anniversary, this year, all the events were focused on delighting the residents of UB.

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