15 years pass without a trace of S.Zorig’s murderer


On October 2, 15 years ago, member of the parliament, Minister of Infrastructure, S.Zorig, was brutally murdered; a tragedy that Mongolians remember even now. Though the murderers left enough useful evidence for identification at S.Zorig’s home while committing the deadly crime, the case hasn’t been solved and even after 15 years, the murderers haven’t been found.

S.Zorig was one of the first politicians to take an active part in the revolution for democracy and his contributions to today’s free society are inestimable.

The murder was publicly considered to have had a political agenda. During every election, candidates of the Mongolian People’s Democratic Party, and Mongolian People’s Party pledge to intensify the investigation of the murder and find the murderers, but the case remains unsolved year after year. After elections, winners and losers fail to take a single action to revive the criminal investigation. The General Intelligence Agency of Mongolia, General Police Department, and State Prosecutor’s Office all say they have working groups on the case, but none of them is willing to publicly report their performance or investigation results. Thus, it has raised much suspicion, and many people have been identified as suspects for the murder. Even people that are registered under the same names of the alleged murderers, residents named “Bat” and “Oyun”, were checked. Some others even suspect that foreigners were behind the murder. But law enforcement organizations are still not providing any explanations for these suspicions.

People who were blindly suspected for the murder are still seen by the majority of the public as if they are really guilty. But working groups for the case have been reshuffled, and some very valuable officials who might have known about the case have passed away. Those groups have only two members each now, which makes it obvious that the vague status of the investigation must have caused the organizations to put less focus on the case.

When inquiring about the case, officials of law enforcement organizations said they investigated every possible piece of evidence and have done everything they could, and now they have almost nothing left to investigate. It is quite unusual for Mongolian law enforcement organizations to fail to close case, so that it is possible that officials are simply not daring to unveil their secrets.

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