Mongolia to have central walking tour routes


The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism (MCST) is working to officially establish walking tour routes nationwide. In the first stage of the project, MCST held a training session on “Determining Routes of Walking Routes and Developing Sites Along Them” for officials in charge of tourism in the Culture and Sport Divisions of all 21 provinces on September 24.

The organizers believe that it will be a useful foundation for the officials to determine and establish walking tour routes that compliment the Mongolian climate, existing land formations and points of interests, as well as plan for development along the routes.

The number of foreign tourists interested in walking tours has been rising in recent years, and the new routes will help meet demand and diversify activities available to visitors. Handbooks, brochures, and other essential materials for tourists will also be published, which will be a new chapter for Mongolian tourism.

The Mongolian National Tourism Center has already established five routes and developed sites along the routes at Bogd Khaan mountain. In detail, there is an 8.5 kilometer route between Turkhurakh and Tsetsee Gun, an 8.4 km route from  Manzushir Monastery to Tsetee Gun, a 4.5 kilometer route between Zaisan Hill and Baruun Shireet via Dugui Tsagaan, a 6.4 kilometer route between Zaisan Hill and Tenger Khad (Sky Rock), and a 3.1 kilometer route between Bayanzurkh Checkpoint and Temeen Khad (Camel Rock).

Apart from the plan to establish new routes, Minister of Health N.Udval showed her support for walking tours and sought to popularize them by holding nationwide morning jogging with the “Proper lifestyles starts simply” campaign on September 25. The campaign was initiated by a Sukhbaatar Province resident who said, “The most active time of the day for most Mongolians, especially our youth, now starts in the evening and they have almost forgotten the joy of being active and seeing the early morning sun.” He proposed the campaign to Minister N.Udval as a way to prevent public illness by establishing healthy habits and exercise.

Minister N.Udval approved the proposal and held a 3 kilometer walking tour between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., scheduled nationwide at different locations in all the provinces for the first time in Mongolia.  She jogged along with Tuv Province residents.

The largest contributing factors to the mortality rate in Mongolia are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Expensive medications are not all that’s needed for preserving good health. The key to good health lies in prevention. Daily exercises prevent cardiovascular disease by up to 90 percent, and diabetes by up to 80 percent. Health sector officials are encouraging the public to rise early, have breakfast regularly and exercise, jog and run in the morning sun.

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