Z.Enkhbold: State support in construction sector has been successful

Speaker of the Parliament Z.Enkhbold got acquainted with the progress of the construction work of current public infrastructure projects such as roads and some apartment blocks, which are being built in Sukhbaatar, Bayanzurkh, and Khan-Uul Districts within the framework of the reconstruction and improvement of ger districts.

Firstly, Speaker Z.Enkhbold visited the construction site at the 7th District in the territory of Sukhbaatar District to become familiar with its progress. There is a plan to build a 700-meter paved road and two buildings – one will be a kindergarten and the other, a school. Construction work is being carried out in conjunction with the Street project. According to Beren Group’s Manager of the project in Sukhbaatar District Ts.Erdembayar, the construction is at 85 percent. Speaker Z.Enkhbold advised the relevant company authorities to pay special attention to the quality and safety of their construction.

The Prime Minister also got introduced to the construction of School No. 49 where its sewage system has been improved using new technology, the re-planning of the ger district area in Bayanzurkh District, and the construction of Buyant Ukhaa road in Khan-Uul District. In addition, he received updates on the infrastructure work of the new hospital building and cleaning facility of  new apartment blocks in Buyant Ukhaa accordingly. He also got familiarized with the operations of Premium Concrete LLC and Erel LLC, which have introduced new technology in producing asphalt, metal, and concrete wares. Before the day ended, he exchanged views with the authorities of the relevant entities on tackling other issues and ways to resolve them.

Z.Enkhbold expressed his thought that the construction of the ger district is going well in accordance with the government’s plan, emphasizing that the sewage system of 26 schools has been resolved successfully.

He also praised the major construction work which is being carried out intensively and with a high level of quality in Buyant Ukhaa. However, he was criticized for the construction of a new maternity hospital there. This maternity hospital was scheduled to go operational last year, but it has not been completed yet. Hence, he demanded the Ministry of Health to intensify the construction work of this hospital building and make it operational as soon as possible. Ulaanbaatar Mayor E.Bat-Uul explained that the construction of the hospital was on hold because it took a while to resolve infrastructure issues.

At the end of his visit of ongoing construction sites in Ulaanbaatar, Speaker Z.Enkhbold stressed that the financial promotion issued from the state for the companies and entities who are executing these construction projects has become a successful and beneficial investment.

Speaker Z.Enkhbold was accompanied by Minister of Construction and City Planning Ts.Bayarsaikhan, as well as members of the Parliament S.Odontuya and O.Baasankhuu.


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