680-meter roller coaster now operational

By B.Tungalag

As you all know, a big roller coaster has been built in the National Amusement Park. The opening ceremony of UB’s first-ever roller coaster will be held on August 23. Journalists had some questions for the park’s Director of Operations, M.Sugar.

-Your new roller coaster was recently tested. Was there a problem during the test?

-We planned to test it 1,000 times before the opening ceremony. Currently, we have already made 700 test runs. There were no problems whatsoever during these tests.

-Has the State Specialized Inspection Agency checked it for safety? What conclusion did they arrive at?

-They are currently checking it for safety. A conclusion will be made today.

-What is the length of this roller coaster?

-680 meters. The highest part is 40 meters. It can run up to 80 kilometers an hour. A total of 24 people can ride it in one round.

-There was some talk among the people that the parts of this “new” roller coaster were imported and taken from an “old” roller coaster from China? Can you give us more information about the company which manufactured this roller coaster?

-Mongolians always have a problem if something is manufactured in China. We have observed our roller coaster’s manufacturing company closely that’s why we chose it. The Mongolian National Amusement Park is a member of the International Federation of Parks. Member organizations of this federation participate in the international exhibition of parks annually. We liaised with the “Golden Horse” company during an exhibition three years ago. This company was contracted to build the rides of “Disneyland” in Shanghai. “Golden Horse” was established in 1998 and it is the leader in amusement park ride construction. Parks in Beijing and Shanghai as well as in the USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam have also contracted this company to build their roller coasters. Hence, our company did not import an old roller coaster. We went over the whole process of manufacturing a safe and enjoyable roller coaster. If you want, we can show you photographs of how we did this. Also, there was some talk that the framework of our roller coaster is skewed. If it were, then the roller coaster could not have been built higher.

-So now you are saying that it is safe. But what will you do if an accident happens? Who will shoulder this responsibility?

-Our new roller coaster is the safest ride of all in the park. We plan to check on its safety every day, every week, and every month.

-How much does it cost to ride it?

-6,000 MNT.


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