Ts.Shijir: Twenty-seven thousand citizens can privatize camp land in Ulaanbaatar city


Work to gratuitously privatize camp land in Ulaanbaatar will begin onAugust 1. Journalists interviewed Chief Expert of the Department of Land Privatization Management of the Ulaanbaatar Property Relations Agency, Ts.Shijir, about the progress of the program.

-          Work to privatize camp land in Ulaanbaatar will begin on August 1. Are there any studies about how many people live in Ulaanbaatar’s camps.

-          Most camps are situated in the Chingeltei, Songinokhairkhan and Sukhbaatar districts. Work to privatize camp lands in the Chingeltei and Sukhbaatar districts will begin on August, 1.

Roughly 47,000 citizens own camp land in those districts. Studies show that about 60 percent of them are able to privatize their land. Registration and survey work for Chingeltei and Sukhbaatar districts land privatization is being conducted. We will also carry out a census of the land. Therefore, applications for camp land privatization will be received in August.

-          Why aren’t all three of those districts included in this project, since most camps are situated in those three districts?

-          According to rules about privatizing camp land by land relation of the Geodesy and Mapping Authority, only partial master plans should be adhered to during camp land privatization. Hence, the City Council approved a master plan including the bases of 26 mountains in the Chingeltei and Sukhbaatar districts. Currently, a partial master plan is being processed. Privatization will begin at eight sites partially ready for the master plan. If other master and partial plans are drawn up, other privatization projects will hold.

-          Is there an opportunity to re-plan and extend camp settlement areas?

-          It’s impossible to make new camp settlement areas in the city’s greenbelt. In other words, there’s no available land in Ulaanbaatar. Therefore, privatizing new camp land is impossible. Currently, citizen-owned lands will be privatized. Privatizing new lands to citizens is a separate project.

-          Mongolian citizens have the right to privatize up to 700 square meters of land in Ulaanbaatar. Citizens who own camp lands smaller than 700 m2 can’t extend their property. Why can’t land owners extend their property to the size prescribed by the law?

-          Citizens have the right to privatize up to 700 m2 land for free. Even if a citizen’s land is 300 or 400 m2 , he or she can privatize land up to 700 m2. Organizing the privatization of camp land depends on how a citizen’s land is included in the partial master plan. In other words, we will determine turning-points and coordinates for private land included in the partial master plan. Citizens should fence their property according to those plans.

-          It is prohibited to privatize land in flood plains, forests and near open water. How will you handle land owners in these areas.

-          According to land privatization law for Mongolian citizens, privatizing lands in forests, near water, shelter belts and road networks is forbidden. Also, citizens have moved in to flood plains without permission. These citizens can’t privatize their land because they have no permission to occupy it. Measures will be taken for those people. We will also take compulsory measures to relocate people if any violations are revealed during the study of forest and water areas.

-          The Camp Bureau was established in compliance with the project for camp land privatization. What is the purpose of this bureau?

-          Work to survey and register land will begin in camp areas on August 1. This temporary bureau was established to organize this project and serve citizens efficiently. Therefore, survey and registration efforts will be carried out by this bureau. We’re working on privatizing camp lands without any trouble.

-          Currently, how many citizens are able to privatize camp land?

-          There are about 27,000 people who can privatize camp lands.

-          Which problems are being faced during work to privatize camp land?   

-          Primarily, we’re working on taking pre-conceptual surveys. We will take on-site surveys in August. Then work for land privatization will carry on according to the partial master plan. Currently, there’s no problem because land privatization hasn’t began yet.

 -          It is estimated that the privatization of lands in Ulaanbaatar, apart from camp land, will be organized. When will this work begin?

-          Work to privatize new land has stopped. But a survey of potential land in Ulaanbaatar is being taken, then the potential for new privatized land will be definite. This work will begin very soon. Primarily, we’re working on 52 locations approved by the City Council. We’re planning to continue taking surveys of potential land.

 -          There’s a clause that prohibits foreign citizens from privatizing land in the Law of Land Privatization. However, there are quite a few occurrences of foreign citizens owning land in Ulaanbaatar.

-          According to law, foreign citizens and companies only use lands under definite conditions and terms. They don’t have permission to own lands.

-          For how many years can foreign citizens use land?

-          First, they’re given permission for five years. Then they can extend that period.

-          It is said that a lot of time is needed to get permission to privatize land. How is this situation being settled during the project for camp land privatization?

-          Land privatization projects will be reorganized this year. For instance, privatizing camp land is huge work. We’re going to work on-the-spot and resolve problems quickly. Therefore, land privatization work will become easier.

-          How much time will be needed for land privatization?       

-          I can’t say a definite time right now. In any case, we will try to make the time shorter.

-          Are there many requests to privatize new lands?

-          We’re receiving a lot of requests. There are also citizens who couldn’t make their requests. This work is slowing because there’s no planning or potential land survey, In any case, we’re pursuing a policy to privatize lands for all citizens.

-          It is shown that over one million people haven’t privatized land. Is Ulaanbaatar’s land sufficient for all its citizens?

-          We’re aiming to privatize land for all citizens. One project within the scope of this policy is camp land privatization. We can solve the issue for about 30,000 citizens by implementing this work. We’re also working on determining the land reserve. 

 -          Even if the land reserve is determined, can all citizens privatize land?

-          It’s unclear because survey work is now being done.   

-          If it’s impossible to privatize land in Ulaanbaatar, can we privatize land in aimags?

-          Ulaanbaatar residents have the right to privatize land along the state roads connecting the aimags, soums and cities.

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