Naadam closes with a new champion, faster race horses and skilled marksmen


The 2013 National Mongol Naadam Festival, or Eriin Gurvan Naadam (the Three Manly Games) was dedicated to the 2222nd Anniversary of Mongolia’s First Statehood, the 807th Anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire, and the 92nd Anniversary of the People’s Revolution. This year’s festival embraced a new wrestling champion, fast race horses and skilled marksmen, and has been brought to a successful end.
Events of the National Naadam Festival took place at the horse racing field of Khui Doloon Khudag, Central Stadium, and Sukhbaatar Square. Naadam Festival attendees wore beautiful traditional clothes garnished with Mongolian tradition, national script and patterns, making the event a stunning visual treat.


The Naadam Festival opened with the Archery Tournament at the Central Stadium, where the state’s best marksmen competed. State Marksman, L.Otgonbayar won the National Men’s Archery Tournament, proving his skill for the second time at the National Naadam Festival, fulfilling the conditions of Twice Champion Marksman of Mongolia.
State Twice Champion Marksman, Ch.Baasankhuu also participated in the tournament, followed by Kh.Ulziikhuyag and B.Bayarsaikhan.
First place in the National Women’s Archery Tournament went to L.Oyuchimeg. She won at the Naadam Festival for the first time and was awarded with the Second Marksman title of Mongolia. The best female markswoman was followed by Ch.Erdenetuya, E.Zaya, D.Punsaldulam and M.Munkh-Amgalan. This t Naadam Festival Archery tournament embraced three new sportsmasters, a sub sportsmaster and three Twice Champion Marksmen.


One of the Three Manly Games, which gains the most public attention, is the wrestling tournament. G.Erkembayar, resident of Selenge aimag, Mandal soum became winner among 512 wrestlers and B.Gonchigdamba, resident of Zavkhan aimag, Ikh-Uul soum, became runner-up and awarded the Garuda of the Nation.

The winner of the 2013 Naadam Festival Wrestling tournament, G.Erkembayar, was awarded a three-room apartment in Mogul Town and a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The runner-up, B.Gonchigdamba, was awarded with a two-room apartment as well as a Lexus-570.
The rules of wrestling are rather simple: anybody who touches the ground first is defeated. The rules are demanding ones, as neither wrestler’s weight nor height is accounted for. Each Mongolian wrestler has a title of his own: Lion, Elephant, Falcon, – a sophisticated hierarchy of ranks bestowed based on the wrestler’s past performances. Categories such as Steady, Mighty and Strong are usually added to wrestler rank, to reflect their specific wrestling style or quality.

Horse Racing

The horse racing tournament of the Three Manly Games was held in Khui Doloon Khudag for three days. A dun, two-year old owned by N.Amarbayasgalan from Khanbogd soum of Omnogobi province, ridden by the nine-year old girl, M.Oyungerel,took first place in the race of Daaga (2 year-old horses).
A chestnut owned by D.Odkhuu (Baruunburen soum, Selenge aimag) won the Shudlen (three-year old) race among 266 horses. Furthermore, a light bay owned by D.Khishigjargal came first in the Khyazaalan (four-year old) race; a fallow horse owned by Sh.Adishaa from Khovd province took first place in the Soyolon (five-year old) race; and a bay horse owned by Kh.Bat-Erdene, took first place in the race of horses more than five years old.
The race of stallions was topped by a horse named “Uls” owned by D.Bat-Erdene, the Vanguard Horse Race Trainer title holder, from Tsogttsetsii soum. This horse topped the races in the State Festival for the third time.

Knucklebone Shooting

The finals of the Knucklebone Shooting Tournament were held at the Shooting Field next to the Central Stadium in Ulaanbaatar.
This year, over 360 contestants from 42 teams competed, and a team from the “Ajnai” Club, led by Ts.Idermunkh, came in the first place after the scores were totaled. A team from “Ovoogiin Govi” LLC from Umnugovi Aimag with Captain S.Bat-Erdene also placed in the tournament.

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