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During a meeting of the Standing Committee on Nature, Environment, Food, and Agriculture of the Parliament held on Tuesday, Minister of Agriculture and Industry B.Battulga introduced the outcome of the resolution to actively support local herding and national manufacturing industries.

Resolution No. 74 on the activities to support the local herders and national manufacturers was adopted in the parliamentary meeting held on December 28, 2012. Within the resolution, it was decided to release a 140.4 billion MNT bond with a five-year term and to grant soft loans to herders and manufacturers who process leather and who produce the final products in the country.

The relevant authorities were given the responsibility to intensify the implementation of the resolution and to control the spending of the bond.

However, none of the herders have received the soft loan as the Ministry of Economy and Finance has not yet released the bond. Thus, the standing committee members reached a decision to orient concerned government officials on implementing the resolution and controlling the bond spending.

Afterwards, Minister of the Environment and Green Development S.Oyun and Minister of Mining D.Gankhuyag provided information on the outcome of the law on the prohibition of the exploration and exploitation of minerals in the areas of riverbeds, springs, water reservoir safety zones, and forest sites.  This law was adopted in July 2009. The following measure, undertaken so far, was to determine the extent of mineral exploration and exploitation in the prohibited nature areas.

The majority of the river stream of the total territory of Mongolia or 70 percent of the riverbeds was divided into zones. Their geographical coordinates, length of the riverbed boundaries, surface space, and adjacent provinces and soums were determined individually.

A total of 89,049.49 square kilometers of territory in 21 provinces and 314 soums was included in the water reservoir safety zone in compliance with the law on water.

This law is planned to be implemented in the following phases:

  1. To intensify the environmental monitoring and rehabilitation operations in the areas of the special licenses of gold mines, located at the riverbeds, water reservoir safety zones, and forest sites, carried out by the financing of the entities in operation;
  2. To improve the supervision of the operations of the special license holders and to clear out the  issue of terminating special licenses;
  3.  Some special license holders of the gold mines at the riverbeds, water reservoir safety zones, and forest sites have left their areas without rehabilitating them. Thus, it is necessary to find out who they are and make them comply with such rehabilitation.

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