‘Camerton’ to celebrate their 18th anniversary

This year marks the 18th anniversary of “Camerton,” a famous Mongolian boy band. The band consists of four members; Mend-Amar, Gan-Erdene, Erdenebat, and D.Bold; who first started when they were in high school in 1995. The band has become one of the most successful pop groups in Mongolia with many hit songs, best-selling albums, and sold-out concerts. The band members also have successful solo careers.

The leader of the band, State Laureate artist D.Bold, also known as the founder of the Mongol Pop genre, was interviewed by journalists.

-How is the band going to celebrate your 18th anniversary?
-Time has gone by very quickly. It has already been 18 years since we became a band. We are currently working on our new album. We are also thinking of having a concert. But the date of either June 24 (the official date when the band was formed) hasn’t been decided yet due to fact that, this summer, many artists and bands are holding their concerts. Anyway, we promise our loyal fans that we will also have one.
-What are the future plans of the band?
-We aren’t done yet and we will continue as a band. We still have a lot to do. We will be presenting our fans with our new songs as well as with our solo efforts.
-What can you recall from 18 years ago?
-It was very amazing back then. Four boys who love music and who wanted to feel more music decided to form a band. There were times when we thought of giving up and there were many things we didn’t know, we couldn’t do. But if we had been distracted by all those hard times and run away from them, today’s Camerton band wouldn’t have been here now.
-What has been holding you together all this time?
-It is friendship. We are really good friends. We have been with each other during the good and hard times of our lives. We didn’t leave one another and our friendship is very strong. The essence of any band to exist is actually friendship. At first, you have to be good friends in order to form a good band. We have followed this principle until now.
-You must have had times when you disagreed with each other. Who mostly used to give way?
-It would be, of course, false to say that we hadn’t argued at all. We had some disagreements because of the songs or some work. But we always tried to find a peaceful solution rather than quarrel. I think our best way was to talk with each other after listening to each other patiently.
-What is your opinion on the new and emerging music bands in Mongolia?
-I am glad that some talented and strong artists are emerging. However, I would like to advise them to work honestly only for the music, not for showing off.
-What about your solo careers lately?
-I am mostly paying attention on my job as a producer. I am working on the album of singer Saraa, and the girl band “3 Ohin.” I am also busy working with the winners of the “Camerton 2” show.
-What was the reason you embarked on being a producer from being a singer?
-Our band has gained a reputable position in the music industry in Mongolia for some time now. As time goes by, it is inevitable that a new generation of artists will come out as the society changes, too. I experienced how it is to be lost without knowing what to do when we were just kids forming a band. I wanted to support and encourage young artists since we also started young from the very beginning.
-Your “B” Production discovers new talents and helps them. But many of them are not seen to work with the production after they become well known, are they?
-I support people who love music, who understand the profession, and who have the real desire to sing. Our production has debuted many powerful singers such as Egshiglen and BX. There are several singers working with me now as their producer, too. I don’t want to limit the singers’ talents for the reason that they belong to my production.
-Can you tell us more about the Mongol Pop genre?
-I wanted to create something new and unique, and I did that. My album was successful. I was working alone to develop the genre but many artists are supporting this genre now.

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