Positions of June 26 Presidential Election candidates


The 2013 Presidential Election season has officially started and the candidates received their mandates to run in the upcoming election. Accordingly, the candidates have launched their respective election campaigns. What do these candidates promise if one of them becomes the President of Mongolia?

Ts.Elbegdorj: I will continue what I have started

Democratic Party candidate Ts.Elbegdorj has an advantage over the other two candidates given that he has had experience ruling the country in the last four years.  After receiving the mandate, he headed to Dornod Province and decided to start his campaign there. He is running in the 2013 Presidential Election with the slogan “Let’s serve for Mongolia.”

Regarding his plans and intentions in the next four years as president, he said, “We have denied each other’s operations enough because of political reasons. Now it is time for Mongolians to unite and work together. Today, Mongolia is exporting its oil and receiving it back as fuel. Let’s produce fuel, processing oil here in the future. Let’s provide the entire country with electricity. Let’s resolve the railway issue as soon as possible. Let’s revive manufacturers and process mining and turn agricultural products into final commodities. We should work hard to accomplish these. We should unite. Let’s not be divided because of political reasons. We are one country and we are in one team. I will continue to keep my promise. Let’s unite and create, work together. I will start my election campaign in Dornod.”

Bat-Erdene: I will function with preference to unity  

Candidate from Mongolian People’s Party B.Bat-Erdene has launched the election campaign officially at the Central Cultural Palace on Tuesday. Opening his election campaign ceremony, he said, “I will compete fairly with pure thoughts, following my principles strictly. We have things to fix and correct as soon as possible. The political parties’ interests are becoming the barrier in the improvement of our nation. The gap between the poor and rich is increasing and the national treasure benefits only the minority. The biggest boiling issue is corruption. I will combat corruption no matter the political party, relatives, and friends. I will combat that corruption, taking off its entire roots. Today, the political environment is decayed. Thus, I will start operating from its top.” After the ceremony,  he headed to Khentii Province, where he has been elected three times before in the Parliament.

N.Udval: I will demolish the five dangers

N.Udval, the candidate from the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party, will run in the Presidential Election introducing her action policy of “Five Policy – Five Missions.” According to the local media, her policy targets the five main dangers that threaten Mongolia, such as on national security, national unity, national independence, the safety of a Mongolian person, and justice. Thus, she has suggested solutions to these five threats.

“Firstly, a Mongolian person should become the core of state policy. Gold, coal, copper, and molybdenum is not the Mongolian treasure. A Mongolian person is the priceless treasure of the State of Mongolia.  Thus, I will focus on the security of Mongolians in the first place. Secondly, I will pay attention to national unity. Thirdly, I will strengthen national security. I will strive to establish justice. Also, I will run in the upcoming election pursuing a policy to fortify the country’s independence by economic method”, informed N.Udval in her statement.








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