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The prestigious Cannes Film Festival, which selects the best of the best films, documentaries, and all other genres of films around the world, is taking place at the moment in the city of Cannes in France. In the meantime, Mongolian filmmakers selected their best of the best here last Thursday at the “Academy Awards 2013,” the annual Mongolian film festival.
The Academy Awards is the largest film festival in Mongolia and it was organized by the Mongolian National Movie Academy for the third year. This year’s event took place at the National Academic Drama Theatre on May 16.
“Aravt” (Ten Soldiers of Chinggis Khaan), a historical film by Mongol Film Group in cooperation with Nuudel Soyol Company of Inner Mongolia, won in five nominations; best directing, best actress in a supporting role, best cinematography, best art direction, and best original score. This is the most number of awards for any film and “Aravt” was awarded with the Grand Prix’s “The Best of the Best” award.
Director of the “Aravt” film D.Zolbayar stated, “I am very glad we are reaping the harvest of our three years of hard work. We are so encouraged to do more by these awards. Mongolian films proved to have improved a lot. The competitors were very strong.”
The “Duulen Nis” (Fly) film by Doz Entertainment took the second most number of awards; best actress, best visual effects, best make-up, and best film editing.
Winner of the best actress nomination A.Mungunzul is the wife of Director Sh.Dorjsuren of DOZ Entertainment. She is the star of “Duulen Nis.”
A.Mungunzul mentioned in her gratitude speech, “Thank you to my loving husband and my best coworker for giving me such confidence. I will also be your support all the time.”
The film, “Anu Khatan” (Queen Anu), that depicts the life of Queen Anu who is the wife of Galdan Boshughtu Khan of Dzungaria during 17th century Mongolia, took the awards for best screenplay, best actor in a supporting role, and best producer.
The Best Actor award went to Ts.Tumurbaatar who starred in the film “UlaanDurvuljin” (Red Square), a psychological drama. He said, “It was the first time I played in this genre of film. Since it was a psychological film, my state of mind was deeply affected by it. I felt very distressed even a month after the shooting of the film had been finished.”
Several international artists also took part in the festival. For instance, cameraman Andre Arnone, make-up artist Jeong Seum Kim, actress Dan In Hae from the “Duulen Nis” film, cameraman of Big Fish Production Haydon Lane, sound editor Michael Kao, as well as actors Oleg Peletin of Russia and B.Baasanjav participated in and added an international mix to the festival.
Michael Kao won the Best Sound Editing award.
Respected representatives of the Mongolian film industry including State Honored director B.Baljinnyam, writer State Laureate S.Purev, and renowned art director T.Goosh worked as judges this year.
Director of “Yeronhiilugchyn Tuslah” (The President’s Assistant) M.Enkhdalai was awarded the “Director with a Bright Future” award by the French Embassy in Mongolia.

The following are the award winners in their respective films and nominations:
Best Director: D.Zolbayar
Best Supporting Actress: D.Gantsetseg
Best Cinematography: G.Battulga
Best Art Direction: J.Tsog
Best Music (Original Score): B.Chinbat
“Duulen Nis”
Best Actress: A.Mungunzul
Best Visual Effects: Sh.Tansag
Best Make-Up: Delger, Jeong Seum Kim
Best Film Editing: B.Baatar
Best Screenplay: B.Togtokhbayar
Best Supporting Actor: S.Ariunbyamba
Best Producer: D.Boldkhuyag
Other Awards and Films
Best Actor: Ts.Tumurbaatar, “Ulaan Durvuljin”
Best Sound Editing: Michael Kao, Big Fish
Best Film Soundtrack: “Niciton” band, “Durlalyn Gemt Hereg” (Love Crime)
Best Documentary Film: Tell Me My Name, directed by E.Khurelkhuu
Best Debut Film: Midnight Talk, directed by O.Batzorig
Best Short Film: “19”-Part 2, directed by I.Nyamgavaa

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