Presidential Election campaign to launch on May 22


Chairman of the General Election Commission (GEC) Ch.Sodnomtseren spoke to a local newspaper on Wednesday regarding the registration work of the candidates in the upcoming Presidential Election within the framework of the implementation of the Law on the Election of the President of Mongolia.

-The names of the candidates for the upcoming Presidential Election on June 26 have been announced to public. Did the candidates start submitting their required documents to the General Election Commission?

-The political parties who have seats in the Parliament obtain the right to promote a candidate in the Presidential Election among the party members. According to the Constitution, it is stated that a political party who has seats in the Parliament can rightfully nominate one candidate for the Presidential Election independently or by joining other political parties.

The nomination of a candidate to the Presidential Election was conducted last week and a total of three candidates were nominated from political parties who operate in the Parliament accordingly.

Currently, the GEC has received the results of the medical test of these three candidates. According to their medical examinations, the candidates from Democratic Party Ts.Elbegdorj, from the Mongolian People’s Party B.Bat-Erdene, and from the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party N.Udval are healthy and have no health problems.

The political parties should submit to the GEC the relevant materials of their presidential candidates within the stated dates, which are from May 13 to 17.

-What kind of materials should be submitted to the GEC?

The Law on the Presidential Election of Mongolia clearly states that the political parties, which nominated a candidate, should come up with and submit documents such as the official decision note of the party about promoting its candidate, the action policy of candidate, party rules and internal regulations regarding the nomination, etc. Moreover, the candidate’s handwritten permission that he or she will run in the election, autobiography, declaration statement of assets and income, birth certificate, ID cards of his or her parents, etc. should be delivered to the GEC. In addition, the statements about a candidate from relevant organizations such as the medical test result which will show his/her health condition, police statement which will prove that the candidate did not commit any crimes, and other relevant statements from banks, departments of taxation, as well as other legal entities are demanded by the GEC.

The delivered materials will be examined by the GEC in accordance with the law. The examination process will be completed in three processes. Firstly, the GEC will check whether the materials from the political party is complete and accurate, then it will be examined whether the delivered documents were produced in compliance with the law. Moreover, the GEC will investigate whether the nomination process was conducted lawfully.

If the submitted materials of the candidate meet the abovementioned demands, the GEC will make a decision within three days through its convention whether to register a nominee from a political party as an official candidate to the Presidential Election.

Once the GEC makes a decision, the candidate will receive the mandate to run in the Presidential Election 35 days prior to Election Day, which officially allows the launch of the election campaign. Hence, the election campaign will officially begin on May 22.

The candidate has the right to introduce his or her action policy through the press and media and to state his or her mind freely.

-Is it possible for a candidate to withdraw his or her name from the election?

-The law clearly states that once a candidate receives the mandate to run in the Presidential Election, it is forbidden for a political party to withdraw a candidate and it is not allowed for a candidate to withdraw his or her name by his or her own free will.

-Does it mean that it is not possible to re-nominate another candidate without withdrawing the previous one?

-There is provision in the law that allows re-nominating another candidate in two cases. Firstly, if a candidate passes away and, secondly, if a candidate gets a jail sentence by a court decision, another candidate is allowed to run in the Presidential Election. But the GEC should be informed about the decision to re-nominate another candidate within 30 days prior to Election Day.

-Are there any grounds not to register a candidate?

-The grounds to refuse to register a candidate are stated in the law. For example, in cases when the nomination wasn’t conducted within the stated period; or when the materials submitted to the GEC are not accurate, incomplete, or falsely made up; the GEC has the right to refuse to register a nominee, who is promoted by a political party, as a candidate in the Presidential Election.

-What about the budget and expenses for the Presidential Election?

-It is legal to spend for a candidate’s safety and security. The budget for this was issued from the state budget.


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