Candidates for the Presidential Election announced


The candidates for the Presidential Election, to be held on June 26, has been finalized and announced to the public. In compliance with the law, the political parties should pick out its presidential candidates within 45 days before the scheduled Election Day. Accordingly, the political parties who have seats in the Parliament; namely, the Mongolian People’s Party, Democratic Party, Civil Will-Green Party, Mongolian National Democratic Party, and Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party; convened last week and expressed their positions regarding the Presidential Election by announcing their respective candidates.

Hence, candidates from the three political parties are to run in the upcoming Presidential Election after being selected by their fellow political party members and a female candidate is included for the first time.

Powerful contester

The Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) was the first to announce its candidate for the Presidential Election among the political parties who have seats in the Parliament. During the poll among MPP members, member of the Parliament B.Bat-Erdene  and MPP Chairman U.Enkhtuvshin were in a draw three times in a row and, in the fourth poll, the former wrestler, Champion B.Bat-Erdene finally won the right to be the party’s presidential candidate.  B.Bat-Erdene has been elected to the Parliament for the third time from Khentii Province representing MPP.

He is running in the Presidential Election for the first time. The newly elected MPP presidential candidate stated during a press conference, “The election is the value of democracy and the expression of justice. I appeal the candidates of other political parties to participate in the election fairly and the electoral staff to organize a fair election.”

Candidate with an advantage

The National Consulting Committee convened yesterday to receive the request and supporting documents from its members who are potential candidates in the upcoming Presidential Election. But during the committee meeting, no one gave any submission except for the current president of Mongolia, Ts.Elbegdorj. He has led Mongolia for the last four years and has been the country’s champion for peace. Based on his qualifications to run again for president, his current experience offers a good advantage, as he is the President of Mongolia and has served many times as a high-ranking state official.

The first female candidate

The first female candidate for the Presidential Election is N.Udval. The Executive Bureau of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP) and its Assembly convened and discussed whether to participate in the Presidential Election by promoting their own candidate or supporting a candidate from other political parties. At the end of the convention, the decision was made to have Minister of Health N.Udval run for president. This decision is distinctive as a female candidate is running for the Presidential Election for the first time. She was the Secretary-General of MPRP.

In terms of other political parties and their candidates, the Mongolia National Democratic Party and Civil Will-Green Party have expressed their position to support the current President and the candidate from Democratic Party, Ts.Elbegdorj.

Hence, three candidates, MPP’s B.Bat-Erdene promoted, DP’s Ts.Elbegdorj, and MPRP’s N.Udval, are to run in the 2013 Presidential Election. The date of the Presidential Election is scheduled to be conducted on June 26.


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