‘Three Neighbors’ circus touring Mongolia with animals this spring

Published Friday April 26, 2013

“Three Neighbors”, a collaboration of Mongolian, Chinese and Russian circus performers, will begin its Mongolian tour on May 25.  This year, the circus performers are visiting Mongolia with their animals, making this the first circus animal performance in Mongolia since 2010. The show will also include Mongolia’s top contortionists and world famous acrobatic performers from China.

The performances will take place until June, and a circus tent will be set up on Sukhbaatar Square on Children’s Day, June 1. This event is being organized by the “Shine Tsirk” Center. The circus will also be performing in Erdenet and Darkhan.


The following is a short interview with the director of the “Shine Tsirk” Center D.Zorigt about the upcoming performances.

-What animals will come to Mongolia for the show?

-About 40 trained circus animals including five bears, a wolf, three dogs, more than 20 geese, two monkeys, and roosters are set to come. The Siberian brown bear and the Canadian bear are very big; they can reach about 3 meters while standing on their hind legs. The Siberian bears are famous for their performances in Europe. Their trainer is one of the most talented circus trainers in Russia who has worked in the circus for many years.

-What act will the bears perform?

-They will do anything that people can do. They will stand on two feet, ride a bike, dance, and even stand on rope. The geese will slide, jump over a barrier, and will mimic the acts done by the trained horses. The clown’s performance, which he will perform with a wolf, will be very interesting. I promise that the monkeys and the roosters will never bore the audience.

-How old are the bears?

-The oldest one is 10, and the youngest one is 3 years old.

-How will the animals be brought to Mongolia?

-They are on a tour in France at the moment. They are going to Irkutsk, Russia after that. The animals will be brought to Mongolia from there by truck.

-Where will the animals stay during their shows in Mongolia?

-The animals will stay in our travelling circus tent. We are preparing some places for some of them. The bears need special enclosures, as well as the geese and roosters who need boxes.

-How about food for the animals? Will they travel with their food?

-The wolf and bears will of course be fed with meat. We will prepare beef, pork and poultry for them. The other animals eat different fruits and special nutritional diets. We are in charge of providing food for the animals.

-When was the first “Three Neighbors” show held?

-Our center first invited elephants, tigers, bears, and peacocks from China, as well as clowns and dogs from Russia, and held a show in 2007 on Children’s Day. The shows were held in Erdenet, Dornod and Darkhan cities. The black bear from China was the talk of all the people during that time. That bear was indeed a very famous circus animal that had won the Golden Clown Cup from a prestigious international circus festival.

-Where will the show be held this time?

-The show will take place at our travelling circus tent in Ulaanbaatar. We wanted as many children as possible to watch the show, so we had sent a request to perform this show at the ASA Circus (the circus south of State Department Store), but they didn’t accept it.

-Why didn’t they accept your request?

-The ASA Circus is a member of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). The members of the WSPA aren’t allowed to use animals in their circus.

-How big is the capacity of the circus tent?

-We have an 800 seat capacity. Our tent has a height of 12 meters, and four columns. It has a special stable for the animals. Our tent is an international standard tent, except it is a travelling tent. Perhaps it may seem new to a Mongolian audience, but our tent is a standard circus tent which is already common in Europe.

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