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This review contains spoilers.
Dark Knight Rises is the third Batman movie by Christopher Nolan. It opens eight years after the events of the 2008 The Dark Knight; eight years after the death of Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face, still honoured as a hero through the print-the-legend contrivance of Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman, returning); and eight years after the villainized, fugitive Caped Crusader was last sighted in Gotham City, which has settled into a fragile peace. As anybody who has seen the previous two movies; Batman Begins and Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan takes the Batman story to a new plateau – a much more realistic telling of the story. This time was is different.
The expectations resting on Dark Knight Rises was raised to the heavens, mainly due to its previous movie, where Heath Ledger’s stunning performance as the Joker blew away the minds of the audience. Dark Knight Rises was for me the most anticipated movie of this year, and it delivered.
The story explored a variety of themes such as triumph of good over evil,terrorism,the moral issues of vigilante justice and overcoming fear. The film is almost three hours long, but at no point did I feel that it was too long, in fact I wanted Nolan to give the audience; me, some time to digest what just happened. Throughout the movie, there were many quick patches that required a leap of faith from the viewers, such as when Bruce’s injured leg is miraculously solved by a robotic brace or him recovering from a serious spinal injury as well as others and managing to getting back in form to escape an inescapable prison in a short amount of time. In this movie, Batman has to defend his title so to speak, and reclaim it. His opponent is the toughest he has ever faced and the stakes are raised up to the brim. The last five minutes of the film was one of the most rewarding movie conclusions of all time, because it was fitting conclusion to the story of Bruce Wayne yet left open the possibilities of a sequel.
Many new intriguing characters were introduced in the Dark Knight Rises, which is already abundant with excellent casting, such as Christian Bale as Batman(Bruce Wayne), Michael Caine as Alfred, Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon and Morgan Freeman as Fox. Tom Hardy as Bane, playing opposite Christian Bale was phenomenal. It was astonishing to find myself lead only by Tom Hardy’s ever expressive eyes. He can be fierce and brutal, intense to the point of being inhumanly strong and towards the end of the movie, gentle and vulnerable. Bane is intelligent and tougher than any opponent Batman has ever faced. He knows all the tricks and techniques Batman will deploy against him. To top it off, he is great orator. Tom Hardy states that the unique dialect he used to portray Bane was inspired a guy named Bartley Gorman, explaining “He’s the king of the gypsies, and he’s a boxer, a bare-knuckle boxer, an Irish traveller, a gypsy.” Though Bane’s back-story has been completely changed, it wasn’t a surprise because Nolan has taken many artistic licences for the Batman trilogy.
Anna Hathaway played Catwoman or Selina Kyle. At first I was hesitant because she is so well known, and she has played many roles and movie lovers, like myself, know her quirks and style well. But all my anxiety dissipated after only a short while because she brought a very dynamic range of perspectives to who Catwoman is. She was graceful, cunning and also has a heart of gold – not your typical thief.
The action sequences, were thrilling, especially the fight scene between Bane and Batman. They were executed perfectly. The great blend of visual effects and great background music smoothly guided the audience emotionally throughout the action. Nolan uses a lot of real action instead of CGI, and in my opinion it pays off. There are some things CGI cannot simulate.
Overall, Dark Knight Rises was a great movie. I enjoyed it thoroughly and will watch it again because it is the kind of movie that is rich with fine details. It is one of those movies where you can watch it over and over and still learn new things about the story. Personally, my favourite out of the series was Dark Knight, mainly due to the Joker. This was for me, the best movie of the year so far and I give it stars 9 out of 10.

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