Construction set to start on first highway of Mongolia


The Chinggisland Development Group (CDG) has announced that its bid has been selected for the construction of the first ever highway in Mongolia and construction work will begin in May.

The highway will be 1,000 kilometers in length and the route will be: Altanbulag-Ulaanbaatar-Zamiin Uud. It will be a two-lane highway, with one lane for each direction. The highway will be a European standard Class One road with concrete pavement, and paving will be 70 centimeters thick. The highway will link Asia and Europe and form a goods transport route.

The CDG will begin construction work at several places along the highway’s route at the same time. They plan to construct the highway very quickly, in less than 2.5 years. According to a plan submitted to the Council of Minister of Construction and Urban Planning last week, CDG plans to launch construction in May this year and to complete the road by October 2015.

CDG, which comprises domestic companies such as Magnai Trade, Just, Nasnii Zam, Tsast Impex and Moninjbar, was selected in a bidding process that was initiated before the new government was formed.

The total budget for the construction of the highway is 3.5 billion USD (3.5 million USD per kilometer.) International bonds will fund 70 percent of the road, while the remaining 30 percent will be funded by the CDG. The CDG will own the highway for 25 years after completion of construction and will shift ownership to the government in 2040 in accordance with a concession contract signed with the government. The upcoming government meeting will discuss this matter in detail.

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  1. There is a an effort by the Cement Manufacturing Lobby Who help the Political Parties in times of Election by Funding to have PCC roads Constructed
    Many States in India are blindly following this route without ever thinking of the long term consequences
    i)Cement roads once constructed and if pot holes appear after few months These Potholes can never be substantially repaired
    ii)Our Limestone quality is poor Moreover due to rampant corruption in Construction field Poor quality cement Poor Quality sand and Poor Sand Cement Ratio is applied So Within a few months of Construction the Outer Surface becomes Rough and Chips are Exposed I am Giving the Image of a Road Constructed three months back at a budget of 3 crores And Once Chips are exposed there is no method available for Periodic Renewal on PCC That can be done easily like in Bitumen Roads
    iii)our Limestone reserves are Limited The demands from Domestic Building construction is immense We need our Scarce limestone reserves for future Gen We need cement for Dams Tube rails rail Sleepers Govt Buildings and Public Homes Flyovers Bridges ROB Rail Platforms Pavers So we must use our scarce Limestone resource with Conservation
    iv) with each day the Crude oil processing is increasing due to increased demand for Petrol Diesel for ever increasing number of vehicles Bitumen as By product is used in highways If we stop Bitumen then how we are Going to Dispose off Trillion of tones of Bitumen which will be available as a result of crude processing?
    Rough C C surfaces cause so much Friction& heat that in USA there have been incidents of Car catching fire on Highways due to friction Thats why in USA there is an increasing shift of Putting Bituminous carpeting over CC roads 89 Percent Roads in Europe and 86 in US& Canada are bitumen Roads
    vi)CC roads Look Rough and dull grey and Ugly Compared to solvent Coated MasticAsphalt Bituminous Roads
    viiUnlike Bitumen in CC roads There cant be visible lane marking Which is essential in night driving So What should we Do?we should opt For 100mm Bitumnous Surface with Mastic asphalt outer layer over 12 inch Rough Concrete +Solvent +stone dust Surface
    Vol Org

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