Ulaanbaatar – The City of the Red Hero

By B.Tungalag

Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, is situated in the Tuul River Valley and is surrounded by four mountains: Bogd, Bayanzurkh, Songino and Chingeltei. The city is situated at an altitude of 1,351 meters and is located in the north-east of the country. Owing to its altitude and location, it is the coldest capital city in the world. The city occupies an area of 135,800 hectares and has almost half of the country’s population.

The name of the city has changed many times. It has been Orgoo, Nomiin Khuree, Ikh Khuree, Da Khuree, and Niislel Khuree. It became Ulaanbaatar in 1924 when the Mongolian People’s Republic was declared in 1924.

The history of the Mongolian capital city is related to Khar Khorin, which is located in Uvurkhangai Province. According to some records, Khar Khorin was first established in 1220 and was the capital city of Mongolia for 32 years. During that time, many travelers, including Marco Polo, visited the city. The city was moved more than 20 times.

The flag of Ulaanbaatar is the color of the blue sky. The flag features Ulaanbaatar’s emblem, which is the mythical Khangarid bird (Garuda), a symbol of stability and power. The Garuda is embroidered with golden thread on a white silk appliqué in the center of the blue flag. The Garuda has a Soyombo (symbol of statehood and knowledge) on its forehead. In its right hand the Garuda is holding a key (symbol of prosperity and openness), and in its left is a lotus flower (symbol of peace, equality and purity). In its talons it is holding a snake (symbol of evil) and this signifies intolerance of evil. The flag symbolizes prosperity, purity, and respect by its people for statehood.

Ulaanbaatar has nine duuregs (districts): Bayangol, Bayanzurkh, Chingeltei, Sukhbaatar, Songino Khairkhan, Khan-Uul, Nalaikh, Bagakhangai, Baganuur. Each district has its own coat of arms and each district is subdivided into khoroos, numbering 121 in total.



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