L.Khongorzul: Creations arise as a result of adding a little excitement

By B.Tungalag

Mental strength, pride and poignancy of women. Artist L.Khongorzul expresses all these elements before one’s eyes.  

An artist’s expression of colors and shapes depends on her inner world. Artists that graduated from the same school and who are the same age will produce different creations, even when they draw the same thing at the same time. This relates to the human inner world.

“I can be distinguished from others through my paintings of women. I am drawing to show audiences what I feel. This is how I create” L.Khongorzul said.

L.Khongorzul graduated from the traditional Mongolian painting class of the Institute of Fine Art, in 2003. She joined the Society of Mongolian Traditional Painting in 2010 and has since produced numerous freelance artistic creations.

We visited L.Khongorzul’s studio and spoke to her about her desire to be a bright artist for women.       

-How much time do you spend thinking before you produce your creations? Do you paint when you are inspired?

- Thousand of things happen around us and even more thoughts go around in our head. I find my inspiration to create from those. I paint as a result of thinking quite long about what color, composition, and design are needed to express my ideas. I always think and plan about what to paint when I am at my studio. Creations arise as a result of adding a little excitement.

-Is there any dissatisfaction when you create your paintings?

-Most of them become as I had imagined. Sometimes my creations become even more beautiful than I thought. There is one painting that turned out quite differently from what I’d expected. That is why artists are required to think deeply. In particular, traditional Mongolian painting requires deep thought; otherwise an artwork will be incomplete. Paintings that I’m dissatisfied with can be fixed.

-How do you decide on the titles of your creations?

-The name of a painting is important. If you give a painting an inappropriate title, audiences will misunderstand the creation’s conception. Audiences look at creations and feel something from them. When they read the title of the creation, they may find the name inappropriate. That is why I think about the titles of my paintings for a long time. But a title is decided on in many ways. Sometimes I paint after finding a suitable title, sometimes I only find a title before delivering my creation to a gallery.

-Most of your paintings are of women. It this a special feature of a female artist?     

-I am a woman and am close to women. That is why most of my creations include portraits of women. My mother and father have four daughters, no sons. I am one of 5 women in my family, including my mother. Therefore, I know woman well and am and close to them. I am surrounded by many women, my friends and my family. I observe their behavior, psychology, and social participation. As a result of my observations I find ideas for my creations. All women have their own behavior and purpose. I felt most strongly that I am a woman when I became a wife and mother. I always study people around me. Now I am drawing women again.

-Bright and distinct colors are seen in your female portraiture. Can you describe the connection between these bright colors and women?

-I am a dreamer. I love to imagine everything in bright colors and I believe that if I dream sincerely, deep from my heart, it will come true. So I draw with powerful and bright colors. People must dream big and try to reach those dreams. I do not like life that is dreamless, humdrum and lax. My expression of life is bright colors. I usually use pink in my creations. Pink caresses me and gives me gentle feelings. I also love to paint with red and dark blue and with bright colors.

-Portraiture of women’s hands and hair are common in your creations. Why only hands and hair, not eyes and ears?           

-I like to draw human hands and hair. Hair can move in portraiture. I use hair to perfect my compositions. Women’s hair is important to composition. Hair is the decoration of my creations. It is very satisfying to paint hair moving wherever.

-Your painting titled “Fish” seemed like the “Aquarium” story by L.Ulziitugs. Did you read that story before you painted your work?

-I finished and released my “Fish” painting before the exposition. People asked me “Did you read that story?” I read that story after people said this to me and I wondered about it. The same idea occurred by chance.

-Are you planning to exhibit a solo exhibition in the near future?

-A solo exhibition requires a lot of time to prepare. Moreover, I have to create. I plan to release an exhibition in late 2013 or early 2014.     


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