The Prime Minister advises officials to work transparently


“Innovation and reform won’t come only from national and local government officials; these will also be created with the brainstorming of ideas and requests from the citizens,” said the Head of the Government of Mongolia, N.Altankhyag, in a joint workshop with the country’s provincial governors.

Moreover, the Prime Minister reported that illegal acts of officials such as money laundering, abuse of power, travel to foreign countries with their personal entourage, etc. have been stopped.  He added that we should let go of the notion that only high ranking officials are the people who spend a lot of money and reprimand others. He emphasized that these officials and related organizations should start listening to the citizens and conduct regular discussions among them. For example, the price of a ton of coal was recently reduced from 200 thousand to 80 thousand MNT.  However, it didn’t matter to some people even though this price reduction has significantly helped 180 thousand families in Ulaanbaatar. According to him, it is thus important for the citizens to become aware of accomplishments like this as well as for government officials to act on the citizens’ requests.
The Prime Minister also mentioned that the Government of Reform is carrying out a program to keep the price of commodities sustainable. Under this program, it has been shown that inflation actually decreased. He enumerated other developments such as the following projects to be financed by the money raised though the Chinggis Bond: the 1,347-kilometer paved road that will connect the Dornod, Dornogobi, Dundgobi, Umnugobi, Bayankhongor and Khuvsgul provinces; the highway along the Tuul and Selbe rivers; and the 1,800-kilometer railway track under the “New Railway Project.”  As for the health diagnosis centers and indoor markets in certain areas, he said that they will be built with the budgeted money in the provinces.  Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag reminded the governors to actively implement these projects. He then advised the local administration to conduct open and transparent operations, to plan their projects with the participation of the citizens, and he wished the innovation and reform teams luck.

As reported by the Press, Media, and Public Communications Department of the government, this joint workshop, devoted to strengthening local administration, was attended by national and local government officials. Relevant policies of certain government sectors, innovation ideas, and other reform plans were also introduced during the workshop.


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