B.Suvd: I am intending to keep Mongol deel on world’s clothes history.

We interviewed with executive director of “Mongol Costumes” LLC B.Suvd, who is defining design and appearance of Mongolian national clothes. “Mongol Costumes” LLC is contributing to advertise traditional clothes on world market.  This company is established by B.Suvd hobby. She was graduated as designer in Russian Federation and her hobby is collecting and studying traditional clothes.    

-Why did you choose traditional clothes as your hobby? Unique and fancy design of Mongolian traditional clothes engaged your attention?

-My profession is influenced me in a way. Studying and loving design is attracting my attention enormously. At first, I have bee

n collected international dolls for 10 years. Seeing clothes of my collection dolls, some of Asian countries clothes are as similar as Mongolian. European countries soldier’s costumes are as same as Mongolian 13-14 centuries soldier’s costumes.  Th

at is why I started to study about traditional clothes and I was intended to have collection that development of Mongolian traditional clothes. Then I established the “Mongol Costumes” LLC to complete my purpose. It is very regretful that Mongolian traditional clothes were not mentioned while I was exploring about history of world’s clothes. My long-term goal is to introduce mongol deel on international stage and involve it in history of world’s clothes.

-How many collection do you have?

-I started to collect traditional clothes from 2000. Antiques were not so rare when I was starting my collection. I have pretty much collection for 10 years. Around 130 deel and traditional clothes including Khunnu (Xiongnu) dynasty age to people’s revolution age. I collect shoes, hat and accessories not only deel. As well as historical photographs and paintings are in my collection. I published book titled “Mongol Costumes” using my research materials.

-You have to be lot of money to enrich your collection?

-Antiques are expensive of course. But it is my hobby that is why I trim expenses and enrich my collection.

-Will you show your collections on public?

-I want to expand my collection as museum that showing historic development of Mongolian traditional clothes. However, Mongolia has no legal environment to establish private museum. On the other hand, personal collector has no right to build a museum. I believe that my collection will be the most valuable thing in history someday.

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