Prime Minister cautions chairmen

By E.Dari

The Prime Minister of Mongolia N.Altankhuyag held a video conference with the administrations of ministries and agencies.

During the meeting he was introduced to the operation of the affiliated ministries of the government and shared views on further operations. Beginning the video conference N.Altankhuyag gave opening remarks saying, “This video conference, which takes place at the end of the each month has being held for the 4th time at the initiation of the government. Today I have met with leading farmers and herdsmen and introduced them to governmental operations. The Ministry for Agriculture and Industry has gathered the best herders and farmers”. The Prime Minister said that the video conference is conducted for only a short period of time, thus the participants should concentrate on their priority responsibilities and directives. PM requested the chairmen of ministries and agencies to present their operational successes and failures to the public.
Good news

The Prime Minister said that he has held a meeting with journalists and representatives of the press and media last Wednesday. At the end of the meeting he made the conclusion that the ministries and the agencies should meet journalists and introduce their work and operational information. We should hold meetings with press and media representatives and we should provide them with information about what we are doing and what we have done. In that case misinformation will be limited and the public will be kept well informed.

Moreover, false information was recently given to the public inthat the interest payments on the bond loans is being increased day by day. This information is not true. The currency reserve of the Mongolbank is USD 2.7 billion and the money raised through the bond is USD 1.5 billion. Mongolbank is in charge of the issue to have lossless interest of total USD 4.2 billion. People have fear that the bond money will be spent on unnecessary and non-beneficial things. Thus, the council on Bonds is discussing; how to spend and on what projects to devote the bond money. In the first phase we have decided to discuss with the public the projects on which the bond money will be spent. For example, 6 provinces will be connected with Ulaanbaatar with the paved highway in 2013. Moreover, the bond money will be invested inthe power plant at the Tavantolgoi, as the condition of the power plants are critical. Before discussing this at government meetings, it is right to discuss the issue with the citizens, expressed Prime Minister N.Altankhuag.

Bad news

The information about the firing of state civil servants from their positions has taken place recently. As for me, I didn’t give any directions to fire someone. The appointments are being made by the chairmen of the ministries and agencies and the state secretaries. I have been introduced to the people; who have made mistakes, who should be fired and who gave the request to be removed at their own request. But, in either case the people who have made mistakes should be fired. For instance, the administration of the State Bank has been replaced recently. There are many issues regarding the State Bank. For example, during the previous government it had promised to give mortgage loans with the interest rate of 6 percent, but didn’t fulfill its promise. However, it’s board members have shared in 90 million MNT, deeming that they have run the bank beneficially. Accordingly, I have made decision to replace the administration of State Bank.
Moreover, the administration at Erdenes Tavantolgoi have been fired. A person, who can’t make an agreement that is beneficial to Mongolia doesn’t need to be in the state civil service.

Then, the Prime Minister gave a warning to all the newly appointed chairmen, saying “If you mishandle to your position or your work, you will be dismissed as well. A political party should not be the place where hustlers and gamblers hide. I am warning all members of political parties, that the time has finished where you could stack and share money under the name of a political party”.


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