Kh.Temuujin: N.Enkhbayar is not the President of Mongolia, nor is he the Chairman of MPRP, he is now a convict


The mothers who are sitting in the hunger strike have requested better treatment for former President of Mongolia N.Enkhbayar. Moreover they have announced through the press conference that they are delivering a demand requesting the annulment of his imprisonment and his release him from jail. But, it is unclear to whom the hunger strikers addressed their demand. According to the mothers on hunger strike, they have addressed their demand to the Minister of Justice Kh.Temuujin. But, Kh.Temuujin said he has not received any official demand from the mothers. However, according to an official who is in charge of the ‘court decision implementation’, Justice Minister Kh.Temuujin called press conference on Monday regarding the current situation.
During the press conference he said “The legislative bodies have been in a bustle during the past10 days. Thus, I want to give a direct and factual statement to the public regarding the incidents that have happened in recent days. Recently, an examination has been conducted on our Ministry’s affiliated organizations, upon the request from several members of Parliament. Accordingly, I thought it right to present this information, as the Minister for Justice of Mongolia. The mothers who are sitting in hunger strike have demanded better treatment for the convict N.Enkhbayar. But, I haven’t received any such official demand.. Secondly, the mothers have demanded the release of the convict N.Enkhbayar, but that is impossible.. In other words, the Minister for Justice doesn’t have right to change the court’s decision. But, I have right to jail criminals through the ‘due process’ of the court’s decision. Thus, I am not able to resolve the issue of the people calling for these this demands. There is no legal opportunity to release someone from imprisonment for the cause of a hunger strike. As long as the court decision is held as valid no one can change it, although the constitutional rights to plead the case are still valid. In terms the Ministry of Justice, I want to tell the mothers on hunger strike, that their demand sare unconstitutional and that the court decision must be upheld. In ‘the eyes of, the Law’, is a criminal and as a convict N.Enkhbayar no extra rights than any other criminal. He is not the President of Mongolia, nor Chairman of the MPRP (Mongolian Peoples Revolutionary Party), he is now simply a convict with the same rights as the other 7000 convicts in Mongolia. Accordingly, the court decision directs officials to delivered N.Enkhbayar to the prison hospital”.

Moreover, Minister Kh.Temuujin emphasized that the punishments related to money laundering have been increased. Thus, international experts have warned that Mongolia will be included in the ‘money laundering black list’ in the upcoming June listing if we won’t fight against the crimes of money laundering.. Accordingly, it was decided to launch two new departments to investigate and combat such crimes and according to the Justice Minister, 6 people have laundered large sums of money through the Mongolian Civil Air Transportation Corporation (MIAT) aka ‘Mongolian Airlines’, have been detained. He was not prepared to detailed information at this time as the case is still under investigation.
After the press conference, Justice Minister Kh.Temuujin answered journalists’ questions:.
-Is there any tendency from the political officials to pressure for the release of N.Enkhbayar?
-It is true that high ranking officials, besides the citizens, are creating pressure regarding the release of N.Enkhbayar. This is a case of ‘conflict of interest’ and abuse of power interfering with a criminal prosecution.
-Is there any opportunity for you to receive the mothers demand and to transfer N.Enkhbayar to the ‘Policlinic for State Officials’?
-The detention centers have been examined several times upon the request of some members of the Parliament. Accordingly, the Parliamentary Sub Committee for Human Rights made conclusion that;“The General Authority for Implementing Court Decisions submitted to the Minister of Health a proposal to establish a special hospital to provide medical treatment for prisoners who have been sentenced for serious crimes”. In response, the Minister suggested that the “Policlinic for State Officials” provide a 50-bed unit for 20 such prisoners who are in urgent need of medical treatment. Hospital management responded “that this would be impossible in terms of security and space”. They have instead prepared two rooms in the hospital that will be designated for prisoners.
-So, does it mean N.Enkhbayar will be transferred to the Policlinic for state officials?
-Only days before, two rooms were furnished in accordance with prison hospital standards. Once the prosecutor has approved the rooms the two convicts will be transferred.
-What do you want to say to mothers on hunger strike?
-Their first demand has been fulfilled. Thus, I want them to stop their hunger strike.
-Could you please give more information about the case related to the money laundering through MIAT?
-I can’t give information about this case as we don’t want to reveal the method of investigation. Anyway, there is no way to privatize MIAT or withdrawing money from MIAT itself. It is an issue related to a few millions dollars. The suspects have intentionally blocked benefits due to the company, laundering a large sum of money. If the case proves well founded through the investigation, the suspects will be tightly monitored. We have requested the related organization to return the laundered money.. In the future, an investigative department will be launched to reveal crimes related to money laundering. In conclusion, I announce officially that Mongolia has taken new steps to combat the corruption and organized crime.

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