Anu Khatan film premiers


The long-awaited historical film Anu Khatan (Queen Anu) by Shuuder productions held its official opening on Friday, January 18, on the birthday of the author of the novel Anu Khatan, B.Shuudertsetseg. This historical film depicts the life of Queen Anu, the spouse of Galdan Boshughtu, the Khan of Dzungaria, and depicts the relationship between the Oirats and Khalkha ethnic groups between 1670 and 1696 as well as the Zuunmod Battle between the Oirats and Manchus, which took place during that period.
The film has over 50 roles and had a crew of more than 500 people. The role of Queen Anu is portrayed by D.Otgonjargal, lead singer in the band “Voice”, while actor M.Myagmar plays the role of Galdan Boshugtu Khan. Other famous Mongolian actors are also featured in the film.
The writer B.Shuudertsetseg, who wrote the book of the same name, on which the film is based, produced and directed the film herself. Thus, the film was both written and directed by a woman, and the lead role is a female. This is a first for Mongolia.
It is the second Mongolian film about a queen. The first was Mandukhai Tsetsen Khatan (Mandukhai the Wise), which was made in 1989.
The movie was filmed at several locations in Mongolia including Altanbulag Soum of Tuv Province, Terelj Gorkhi National Park, and Uvurkhangai Province. The scene of the Zuunmod battle which is considered one of the greatest 33 battles in the history of Mongolia, was filmed in three different places: forest, steppe, and river. The film crew also conducted underwater and aerial filming for this scene. The film is about two hours and 45 minutes in length.

D.Otgonjargal, who portrayed the role of Queen Anu, was interviewed by journalists from news.gogo.mn.

-What did you aim to portray in this role?
-The Queen Anu in the novel is different from the character in the film. In the film Queen Anu is very kind-hearted and compassionate, with the characteristics of a real Mongolian queen. She was one of the only two Mongolian queens who fought in battles. I tried my best to portray the role of Queen Anu, who devoted herself to her family, her husband, and her land and country. I tried to portray her as a very brave and powerful woman.
-You must have done some research for your role?
-Of course. I studied all the materials and documents available about Queen Anu. I also discussed with my director how to portray the role better and express the role completely. I had also studied this topic at the Mongolian Culture and Art University. I graduated in 2006.
-Which scene was the most difficult for you?
-There were of course some scenes that were physically demanding. For example, it was hard to wear all heavy clothes with all the armour, and the archery shooting scenes were difficult. The costumes weighed about 13 kg. I managed to overcome all the difficulties with the help of my good-hearted film crew.
-I heard that your daughter also took part in the film?
-Yes. The film depicts Queen Anu with several children. One of them is Yumjhai and my daughter played Yumjhai in her childhood years.
-What else have you been doing recently?
-I have been making plans to do many things this year. I am putting on a concert on February 1. I’m also planning to perform a classical concert with solo singers of the State Philharmonics Ulziijargalm Otgonjargal and with S.Battulga on March 7 and 8. I have been rehearsing for the concert recently.

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