G.Nandinzaya: Shooting teaches people to be patient


International shooting master G.Nandinzaya, a gold medal winner at the World University Shooting Championship held in Kazan, Russia, last year, has been training in shooting since she was 12. She is currently studying at the University of Humanities of Mongolia, majoring in Foreign Relations. She shared her thoughts on the sport of shooting.

-How was it to hold a rifle for the first time?
-My father J.Gankhuyag is a shooter too; he is an international sports master. He works as my coach now. I first fired my father’s rifle when I was eight. I have been interested in the shooting sport since then. I was quite afraid to pull the trigger at first.
-Could you tell us about the achievements you have made in the sport of shooting?
-My biggest achievement was winning two gold medals, in the individual and team categories, at the World University Shooting Championship last September. Another achievement was when I took three gold medals at the Irkutsk Open Tournament. I’ve won 50 medals in international shooting tournaments so far.
-How long do you train each day and how many bullets do you shoot?
-I train to shoot at a distance of 10 meters and 50 meters and I also work out. I fire about 80 bullets per day. The sport of shooting is quite expensive. A rifle costs at least 4 million MNT and the bullets cost a lot, so I am not always able to shoot at 50 meters every day. The international standard for shooters is to train with 100 bullets a day. Sometimes there aren’t sufficient bullets for athletes at some tournaments. But if athletes succeed, it will change.
-Shooting is a psychological sport. How does it feel when you shoot successfully at tournaments?
-It feels different in different tournaments. I feel nervous depending on the rank and range of the tournament. Shooting isn’t a combat sport, but you have to fight with yourself. If one wins against oneself, one can succeed. This sport requires people to be patient and helps them to control their emotions. Athletes from other sports express their feelings in different ways, such as shouting after winning, but we keep these feelings inside. I always try my best to be a successful athlete and to raise my country’s name high.

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