Khushigt Valley airport will be operational in 2016


Last year, the company that will be executing the construction of the new airport in Khushigt Valley has been selected. The following is an interview with the Director of Khushigt Valley establishment programme.

-It has been reported that the construction executer of the Khushigt establishment has been selected, which company is it?
-On November 9 last year, the tender for the construction company that will execute the international Ulaanbaatar airport has been announced. For more than a month, we have received estimated technical costs of potential candidates. The Mitsubishi Chiyoda’s bid was accepted. We have announced a tender before but no applicants were received. Two companies bid for second tender announcement and Mitsubishi Chiyoda was selected. Shimizu Danipo also applied but we have informed that we are unable to accept.
-For how much will the general construction be executed at? And also, what is happening with the soft loans granted under the project?
-The trade contract with JAIKA prohibits revealing certain information during negotiations, so I cannot reveal the bid amount. When; every consideration has been made, when we have reached a final agreement with JAIKA and lender organization, then the cost will be announced. The loan granted is for 40 years. There is no interest in the first ten years and in the last thirty years, a low interest loan of 2 percent, which will not stress the project, will be paid back completely. The loan contract states that only a Japanese executing company has to be selected. If there aren’t any issues, the construction is set to commence on April of this year. The contract also states that the construction of the airport must be completed within 43 months. Therefore, the estimation is that by 2016, the first plane will be able to land at the Khushigt’s Airport.
-Was the lender informed of the cost through which the establishment will require to build? How practical is the bid made by the Mitsubishi Chiyoda?
-The Mongolian side will audit whether the bid is realistic or not. After this, we will inform the lenders the cost of construction will be to reach an agreement.
-Well Mitsubishi be undertaking all the construction work? Can a Mongolian company participate to provide extra assistance?
-The contract will be done so that the executing company will hand in a key at the end. The general contractor will undertake all of the work and complete it. Subcontractors have not been mentioned. This is up to the general contractorcompany.
-What will be the capacity of the airport? Will there be expansions made to it when passengers increase in the future?
-The capacity of the new airport will be three million passengers a year. Studies show that this capacity will be able to manage until 2020. By 2023, the annual passenger is expected to reach 4.8 million. Therefore, the airport will be constructed so as to allow smooth expansions and space has been reserved for it. All of it is being planned, additional expansions that will allow the airport to reach a capacity of 12 million a year has been planned.

-How many planes will be able to land and take off from the airport simultaneously?
-Chingis Khaan International Airport has a track of 3.1 kilometres, which lands one plane at one time from the North West and allows one take off at a time towards the North West. The new airport will be able to land planes from both sides and allow take off from both sides. The Narita International Airport of Japan used to let planes land and take off from one side until a while ago but they served 60 million passengers a year at one point. Therefore the new airport will be able to handle any stressful loads.
-There are rumours that the initial pre-feasibility study, and the initial planned budget was changes due to Yen value fluctuation?
-The pre-feasibility study and the planned budget is basically the loan amount. The budget was based on the studies made in 2006. The contract will be finalized in 2013. And yes, Yen value has been fluctuating in the last seven years. This matter has to be solved with flexibility and consideration.
-It has been said that an adjacent settlement will be established? At what stage is it’s financing and planning?
-The adjacent city construction project is being directed by Art Construction Company. They have completed the general planning and had it approved by the government. From what I know, their adjacent city project will proceed in correlation of the airport construction if the construction begins in the upcoming spring. This will mean that by 2016, a city with a capacity for a population of 100 thousand will be completed.
-What is the plan for the management of roads and transportation?
-The roads have been divided in two parts. The financing for the first part has been covered by the capital city budget and the construction has begun. For example, a six row track construction project to the White Arch of the Nisekh (Chinggis Khaan airport). The road construction project for the road towards Khushigt Valley has been included in the list of concessional agreement. Up until today, two tenders have been for the road construction but nobody applied. The general plan has been already made. Everything such as no sharp turns until Tuv Province has been taken into account.
-A railway construction plan through the Tuv Province has been made. Will the new airport construction project correlate with the rail construction?
-We will discuss this issue with the government soon.

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