During the cultural summit that took place in recent days, the officials were discussing that there is insufficient partnership between cultural and commerce people in Mongolia. They said that the existing relationship between them is only temporary. It is a common image in Mongolia that any cultural event is dependent on business entities. But the world has turned back to the culture and the cultural industry has become the vested space to generate the revenue. For example, 1/8 of the world community’s GDP is made up by the cultural industry in 2005 composing USD 1.5 trillion, while the world economic forum has made forecast that by 2020 it will reach USD 3.1 trillion.
The biggest organization in the world that promotes the partnership between commerce and culture is Arts & Business (A&B) in the United Kingdom. Their aim is to increase investment for the arts from businesses and individuals, while encouraging the exchange of business and creative skills in both sectors. They go about this mission through programming in; philanthropy, research, sponsorship, training & consultancy. In terms of England, they have great history and culture of arts, thus the government pays special attention to the arts sector. For instance, 70 percent of the total investment in arts sector in England is made by the government, 10 percent is invested by A&B and the remaining percent is composed by other sources. But, Mongolia business entities and individuals commonly use arts as a PR rather that to assume supporting the arts as a social responsibility. However. this attitude is changing.

There are many instances that vested national companies are spending large amounts of money on the arts sector. It is difficult to find a smoke free and alcohol prohibited public service places in Ulaanbaatar where people can spend their free time correctly. The only entertaining place where we can enjoy the healthy environment is maybe the cinema. There are only 4 cinemas in the capital city and they are crowded all the time.

Are there any entities that are making factual investment in arts?

The cinema to be estimated as the largest in Mongolia will grow in use through 2014.
MCS Group is planning to buildthe largest movie theatre in Mongolia. The multiplexplanned is to have 8 separate theatres and will start operating in 2014. Also they are developing a project to build a complex which include a body-building center with the; latest equipment, swimming pool that meets the Olympic standard and hall of electronic games. Previously the MCS Group has built “Sky Resort” and “Happiness Center” which provides people with entertaining activities. According to the press agent of the MCS Group said that “MCS Coca-Cola” company has been organizing Coke’n Beat festival annually since 2006. The winners of the festival participate the “Asian Beat” festival, representing the Mongolia. “MCS Electronics” company sponsors the Mongolian attendees to ABU Robocon Contest and collaborates with the national contest “Young Investors” which is hosted by the Mongolian National Broadcaster. Also they have carried out “Tiger Translate” festival for the 4th time this year with intention to support the young artists. The young participants of the festival built “Chonon elch” statuein National Park located in Bayanzurkh District, jointly with artists of FAILE, a Brooklyn-based artistic collaboration between Patrick McNeil (b. 1975, Edmonton, CA) and Patrick Miller (b. 1976, Minneapolis, MN). Univision Company has initiated the project “Mongil Film” and with the cooperation of the General Archival Authority of Mongolia they have started to enhancing Mongolian golden age films to HD format.

Mini theatre with 1100 seats

The mini theare with 1100 seats is being constructed in the Corporate Hotel. The mini theatre is planned to go operational in June, 2013 with modern equipment. All types of the show can be staged in that theatre.

54m tall statue of Maidar god to be built

The ‘Ikh Maidar’ Foundation has started construction work to build a ‘Complex of Buddhist God Maidar’ in Sergelen sum of Tuv Province. Sculptor D.Erdembileg, known for his design of the Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue in Tsonjin Boldog, is working as the architect of this complex. The complex will include a 54 m tall statue of the Maidar God and a 104 m tall stupa. It will also have a surrounding park which covers 108 hectares of land. The statue is being molded in Mongolia and the construction is planned to be completed in 2014. But the building of the park will continue for 15 years.
The bank with the largestpainting collection

According to the research carried out by the Mongolian Arts Council, Khan Bank is the bank which shows most support to the arts. It has been three years since Art and Culture Supporter Khan Bank opened Art Gallery at its head office in December 18, 2007 and approximately 40 exhibitions by over 150 artists focusing on different genre and sense of art works have been presented to audiences. Moreover, they have started the operation of Khan Bank Theatre since 2008. With intention to promote the artists, Khan Bank collects paintings. Currently they have over 300 paintings and sculptures and have become the bank with the largest painting collection.

Translated from Undesnii Shuudan newspaper.

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