Weight loss campaign benefits many


The Ulaanbaatar Health Authority (UHA) recently implemented a weight loss campaign titled “Lose weight with your colleagues”, targeting people in the workplace. The campaign coordinator of the UHA, S.Dulmaa, participated in an interview.

-Why did the campaign encourage people to lose weight with their colleagues?
-Those who wish to lose weight are often able to follow a diet at home, but when they go to work they tend to eat what their colleagues do. Therefore, we decided to conduct a weight loss campaign targeting the entire staff of the selected organizations. Our campaign ran for six months, from April 20 to October 20, and included 25,000 officials (duplicated number) from over 180 government and non-governmental organizations and 30 affiliates of the UHA. The participants took part eagerly and the Baganuur District Governor has received positive feedback.
Among all the officials who took part, an official from the National Legal Institute, D. Munkhzul, was the most successful in losing weight, dropping 51 kilograms. His weight fell from 116 kg to 65 kg. None of the participants used medicine or food supplements, they lost weight only through exercise and a healthy diet.
-What is the best way to lose weight with your colleagues?
-Every organization should find the most suitable way for them. Some of our participant companies conducted a one-month walking campaign in which the officials walked to and from work and also used the stairs instead of taking the elevator. This campaign helped many officials to lose weight and the participants are very satisfied with the results.
-Are other organizations able to take part in the campaign?
-Of course. Any officials willing to participate the campaign may join. They should have their photo taken and weight measured at their registered district hospital. After six months of their participation, their weight will be measured again and the person who has lost the most weight over that period will be announced.
-How much weight did the participants lose in total? What is the aim of your next campaign?
-All countries across the globe are fighting obesity. Non-communicable diseases have risen consistently over the past ten years. The main cause of these diseases is obesity. The participants in our campaign together lost three tons of weight. In our next campaign we are aiming to increase the amount of lost weight by enrolling more participants.
-Winter is knocking on our doors already. Thus, Mongolians want to eat high calorie foods to cope with the harsh winter. Isn’t it right?
-Of course people can eat meat and fat. But to lose weight, they must burn the same amount of calories they consumed. If people are unwilling to eat less, companies should persuade staff to use the stairs and get more exercise. They could raise interest in taking the stairs by hanging interesting facts on the walls of the stairwells.
According to studies, abdominal obesity is common among those in the age group between 25 and 35. If you want to know whether you have abdominal obesity, measure your waist. If it’s greater than 80 cm, you have abdominal obesity.
When exercising, such as when walking or running, try talking. If you are able to talk without panting, you are exercising at a good level.
-Women sometimes start smoking to try to lose weight. Is it actually helpful? Does smoking prevent gaining of weight?
-It is not effective. Smoking not only harms health but also beauty. Some people say they are trying to not to gain weight but then they drink alcoholic beverages. There is nothing beneficial to our health about alcohol. Drinking alcohol leads to obesity as alcohol contains a high number of calories.

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