MLTR: It is freezing cold in Mongolia


After a 27 hour flight from Singapore, Danish band Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR) finally arrived in Mongolia yesterday, December 6. MLTR held a press conference at 6 PM at the Blue Sky Hotel & Tower on their arrival and first impression on Mongolia.
“Hello Mongolia. This is the first time we are here and thank you very much for coming here tonight,” said drummer Kare Wanscher to the Mongolian media in front of the three.“It is a pleasure to be here at last, after so many years we have been trying to come here for a concert. Now we are finally here and thank you very much for inviting us here. It is a pleasure, and I am very excited to be here. “
Afterwards, the lead singer of MLTR Jascha Richter said, “I am very pleased to be here for the first time, this is a great experience. We have never been here before, and this is something very special for us. Let’s have a great night tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.”
The third member, guitarist Mikkel Lentz said “It is a big honor to be here for us. It is very exciting. We came two hours ago and the landing was very beautiful – the snow and the desert. Thanks for inviting us.”
Mongolian Youth Federation and Evento are organizing the MLTR concert in Mongolia. Mongolian Cultural Merited Worker, composer B. Dolgion is serving as the head advisor.
Their first impression of Mongolia, according to drummer Kare Wanscher: “I’m sorry, but it was freezing. It was 30 plus degrees in Singapore, and now it is minus 25 something minus. Before we landed, we can see the country – its mountains, hills and snow. It was a quite beautiful view.
He continued, “We don’t know all about Mongolia. Of course, we know that once it was the biggest country in the world. We have been quite curious; many years before we tried to come here and play a concert. We have been curious to know more about the country for many years – we see this as a great opportunity to come here and see what it’s like. We can always go on the internet and read about it but it’s much better to come here and see it [ourselves].”
On the question of how they came to name themselves “Michael Learns to Rock,” drummer Kare Wanscher said, “really, when we started the band, our idol was Michael Jackson and he was a king of pop. I thought it was a little funny.”
“We didn’t think much about it. We just had to come up with a name. We had won a competition so we had to stick with a name,” said lead Singer Jascha Richter.
The MLTR concerts, as we reported before, will be held at UB Palace tonight at 8 PM and tomorrow at 8 PM (December 7 and 8 respectively).

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