Love is Eternal


I saw an exhibition that was really excited and wonderful at exhibition hall of Union of Mongolian Artists. The exhibition name is “Grace of the Year of Horse”, was opened in November 28. The artist, Cultural Merit Worker P.Baldandorj and artist M.Bayarmagnai are jointly opened the exhibition. The artists’ creations have different tones, meaning and viewpoint. But their creation have one purpose is love the earth that we live.

When I saw artist M.Bayarmagnai’s paintings, it was easy to realize that the artist is woman. I felt the tender heart of women and love from the paintings by her. Later on I interviewed her.

-Color harmony of your creations is brighter and awesome. What is color in your view?
-Color is inner space of human. Poetry is expressed by words and artist’s inner space is expressed by color. View of universe, social position and all feelings of artists are expressed by color. Ancient Mongolians considered that Mongolia is a sun country long ago. Sun is so bright. That’s why I expressed my inner space by bright colors.
-During the viewing your exhibition, “Tumen honinii hishig” painting is attracted my attention. The dog eyes so sad and it seems like telling something. Eye is showing everything about that human even animal. This painting is your inner space expression?
-I am intended to show present social status, politic and characters of Mongolians by this watch dog.
-I felt love, womanliness and gentility from your creation?
-Women come to soften world and touch one’s heart. So I try to show on my paintings to soften hard society by my view. Artist’s personality is showed by his/her creation.
Modern teenagers disrespect love. Teenagers have lack of spirit. Love is eternal. But youths don’t understand it. They look love is money. I want to show it by my creation named “Love”. Love is wide range concept.
In addition I wanted to say love each other. Love is true and it is eternal. Also word is powerful weapon. It can kill also give life. Most important thing is love each other, always tell love words each other.

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