N.Bataa: Signatures of over 100 people won’t be required to acquire the necessary construction permits


The Governor of the Capital City E.Bat-Uul’s action policy to be implemented in next three years has been ratified recently through the irregular meeting of the Capital City Representative’s Khural. N.Bataa, the deputy of the capital city governor, in charge for the finance and economic related issues, spoke to Unuudur daily newspaper regarding the recently adopted action policy. 

-The Capital City Representative’s Khural has recently adopted the governor E.Bat-Uul’s action policy of the works which will be implemented next three years. What do you think what features have the action policy?
-The Democratic Party (DP) ran in the 2012 Capital City Representative’s Khural and Parliamentary Election introducing the policy named “5A”. The citizens supported DP’s action policy which intends to reduce air pollution, create employment and reduce corrupt in Ulaanbaatar. The action policy also promotes building urban planning and housing which will address the current messy infrastructure of Ulaanbaatar.
Since we received our duties, we have completedmuch research. There are lots of messy and unorganized things in Ulaanbaatar and many things to do. The action policy of the governor which will cover his works from 2013 to 2016 was developed taking the basis of DP’s 5A policy.
The feature of the action policy is that it was not intended for the state and administrative organizations. It is directed to create a clean and healthy environment for Ulaanbaatar dwellers. The main intention of the governor is to develop ger districts, outskirt areas of Ulaanbaatar, providinghousing. Governor E.Bat-Uul introduced his policy as an “Innovative policy”. Action policy includes several vested intentions and large projects will be created that haven’t before been considered in Ulaanbaatar’s history. Some works will last 7 to 10 years. We have estimated that 16.5 trillion MNT is required to implement this action policy.
-What will be the large creations included in the policy? Can you please give more information about that?
-The development plan of Ulaanbaatar until 2030 intends to build 10 large parks in Zaisan, Tasgany Ovoo, Khambyn Ovoo and Takhiltyn Ovoo areas. A Metro will travel underground in Ulaanbaatar and special track/trolley buses will go on the surface. Also double lane roads will be built between East and West Central Intersections. Moreover, 100 thousand homes will be built. The price of those apartments will be affordable as the land and engineering facilities will be provided by the city. It means they will be able to afford to buy those apartments via soft loans. The campaign to accommodate ger district citizens will be carried out by re-planning the ger district areas. All those things are included in the general plan to develop Ulaanbaatar until 2030.
-Does it mean that plan to develop Ulaanbaatar is revised?
-The general plan to develop Ulaanbaatar is being renewed and revised for the fifth time. But almost nothing has been done according to the development plan. The plan to develop Ulaanbaatar through2030 was only in discussion and was not approved. The year 2020 is coming soon, thus we are creating new projects, renovvising the program that was proposed from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency. We will submit the new plan to the parliament in the upcoming days and after approval from the parliament the plan should become law.
-The environmental issue of the Capital, UB, is ata critical juncture. What projects will be implemented to improve the environment and protect the health of its citizens?
-Many things have been projected regarding environmental issues. For instance, eco policeman will start work. By doing this, a mechanism of enforcement of environmental protection will be created. Moreover, a ‘Gardening’master plan will be developed. Only 14.2 percent of the Ulaanbaatar territory is currently occupied by green space. We are aiming to make it 20 percent. One of the main works is to create vacancy of the gardeners.
The water issue is a warning as well. The scientists are estimating that the city dwellers will face drinking water shortage by 2020. There is no other such spoiled country like Mongolia, where precious artesian drinking water is used to wash cars.
-The Ulaanbaatar anti-corruptionpolicy catches the attention. How will the corruption issues be solved?
-We will cooperate with citizens to develop the capital city. In order to cooperate with them, an open conduit to the public will be created, one that listens to the citizen’s ideas. The city can’t be developed and sustained as long as there is a corruption. All the information relating to the city will be uploaded to public web pages. All the cities expenditures are to become open to the public. The structure has been created that listens to the citizen’s complaints and comments, and gives responsesvia a hotline. Moreover, the procedure of acquiring special licenses will be eased. For example, 288 days are required to get a permission to build a construction. But we are trying to reduce the number ofthose days to 30 – 40 days. “One window” points will be created to show one point services. When a citizen presents a request to get the permission to build a building, an official of the “One Window” will examine the general plan of a construction and will grant the permission in a short time. It means signatures of over 100 authorities won’t be required for construction permission, which means citizens will no longer have to meet many authorities and bribe them. Moreover, we are planning to establish a public council against corruption. For example the capital announces a variety of tender bids and tenders are one of the main sources of corruption. We are arranging preparations, to be announced, where tender bids are online.
-When will the citizens start to feel practical result of the action policy?
-We don’t want to lose time. The projects to connect ger districts withan infrastructure network and to build apartment towns will start next year. We think all the works that are included in the Action Policy will be started without any delay or postponement. However, there are many works that can’t be finished within one electoral term, but all the feasible works will be implemented in near future.

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